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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Gathelus with his companie beyng thus come to lande, ſought abrode in the countrey for vy|tayles and ſuch other neceſſarie things as they wanted (for their long being on the Seas had wa|ſted all their purueyance:The inhabi|tants reſiſt Gathelus. Were ouer|throwne. whoſe arriual being once knowen in the countrey, the people aſſembled to|gither, and fiercely encountring with the ſtraungers, after ſharpe and cruell fight, in the ende the Spanyardes were put to the worſe and chaſed out of the fielde.

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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This victory put Gathelus and his folkes in hope of good ſucceſſe to haue their a place for them to inhabite in,A communi|cation. and ſo to end their long wandering in ſtraunge and vncertaine places. And to the in|tent they might bring their purpoſe the more eaſily to paſſe, they found meanes by way of commu|nication to ioyne in friendſhip with the Spanyardes, and obtayning of them a plotte where they might buylde a place for to inhabite in:Gathelus buil|deth the Citie Bracchara. ſhortly after they began the foundation of a Citie neare to the bankes of the Riuer called of auncient tyme Mundus, and afterwardes Bracchara.

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