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5.79. King Ethelred.

King Ethelred.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 181] AFter Vulf|here,Edilred hys brother Edil|red or Ethel|red ſucceeded in gouernemẽt of the Kyng|dome of Mer|cia. This Edil+red inuaded the Kyngdome of Kente with a mighty army in the yeare of oure Lord .677. deſtroying the countrey afore him, not ſparing Churches nor Abbeyes, but ſpoyled the [figure appears here on page 181] ſame without reſpect, as well as other common places.H. Hunt. King Lothaire durſt not appeare in the fielde to giue hym battell, ſo that Edilred wente through the countrey, deſtroyed the Citie of Ro|cheſter & with great riches gotten by the ſpoyle, he returned home.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Biſhoppe of Rocheſter Putta, after that his Church was ſpoyled and defaced by the eni|mies, wente vnto Sexvulfe the Biſhop of Mer|cia, and there obteyning of him a ſmall [...]re, and a portion of ground, remayned in that countrey, not once labouring to reſtore his Church of Ro|cheſter to the former ſtate, but wente aboute in Mercia to teach ſong, & inſtruct ſuche as would learne muſicke, whereſoeuer hee was required, or could get entertaynement.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 182Herevpon the Archbiſhop Theodore conſecra|ted one William Biſhop of Rocheſter in place of Putta, and after when the ſayd William con|ſtreyned by pouertie, left that Church, Theodore placed one Gebmound in his ſteede. In the yeare of our Lord .678. in the moneth of Auguſt,678 A blaſing Starre. a bla|ſing Starre appeared, with a long bright beame like to a piller. It was ſeene euery morning for the ſpace of three monethes togither. The ſame Ecgfrid king of Northumberland, Mat. VVest. Beda. li. 4. cap. 12. Biſhop Wil| [...]rid baniſhed. Hlaguſtald Hexam. Eadhidus. Lindeſferne [...]oly ilande. baniſhed Bi|ſhop Wilfrid vppon diſpleaſure taken with hym, out of his See, and then were two Biſhops or|deyned in his place, to gouerne the Church of the Northũbers, ye one named Boſa at Yorke, & the other called Eata at Haguſtald or Lindeſferne. Alſo one Eadhidus was ordeined about the ſame time Biſhop of Lindſey, the which prouince king Egfride hadde of late conquered and taken from Vulfhere the late King of Mercia, whome he o|uercame in battel, and droue him out of that coũ|trey. The ſaid three Biſhops were conſecrated at Yorke by the Archbiſhop of Canterbury Theo|dorus, the whiche within three yeares after or|deyned two Biſhops more in that prouince of the Northumbers, that is to witte, Tumbert at Haguſtald, Eata that was appoynted to remain at Lindeſferne, and Trumuine was ordeyned to haue the cure of ye prouince of thoſe Pictes which as then were vnder the Engliſhe dominion. Alſo bycauſe Edilred King of Mercia recouered the countrey of Lindſey, and ioyned it to his domi|nion,The Church of Ryppon. Biſhop Eadhedus comming from thence, was appoynted to gouerne ye Church of Ryppõ.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 After that Biſhop Wilfrid was expulſed out of his dioceſſe and prouince of the Northumbers, he went to Rome, & returning from thence, came into the kingdome of the South Saxons, ye whi|che conteyning ſeuen thouſande houſholdes or families, as yet was not conuerted to ye Chriſtian faith.Wilfrid by li| [...]ence of King Edilwalke preacheth [...]he Goſpell to [...]hem of Suſ| [...]ex. Wherefore the ſaid Wilfrid began there to preach the Goſpell with licence of K. Edilwalke, who as before is mencioned, was conuerted and baptiſed in Mercia, by the procurement of King Vulfhere, that then became his Godfather, & gaue him at the ſame time the Iſle of Wight, and the prouince of the people auntiently called Mean|uari, which he had wonne frõ the Weſt Saxõs. Biſhop Wilfrid then by King Edilwalke hys furtherance and helpe, baptiſed the chiefeſt Lords and Gentlemen of that prouince. But certayne Prieſtes baptiſed the reſidue of the people, eyther then or in time following. [...]acke of [...]ayne. It chanced that for the ſpace of three yeares (as it is ſaid) before the com|ming thither of Biſhop Wilfrid, there had fallen no rayne from the ayre within that prouince of the South Saxons, ſo that ye people wer brought into greate miſerie by reaſon of famine, whyche through wante of neceſſary fruites of the earthe, ſore afflicted the whole countrey, in ſomuch, that no ſmall number threwe themſelues headlong into the Sea, deſpayring of life, in ſuche lacke of neceſſary victuals. But as God would, the ſame daye that Wilfrid began to miniſter the Sacra|ment of Baptiſme, there came downe ſweete and plentifull ſhowres of rayne, ſo watering ye earth, that thereby great ſtore of all fruites plentifully tooke roote, and yeelded full increaſe in growth, to the great comfort and reliefe of al ye people, which before were in manner ſtaruen and loſt through want of foode.Catching of fiſhe with nettes. Biſhop Wilfrid alſo taught them in that countrey the manner howe to catche fiſhe with nettes, where before that time, they had no great ſkill in any kind of fiſſhing, except it were in catching eeles. Heereby the ſayd Biſhop grew there in greate eſtimation with the people, ſo that his wordes were the better credited amongſt thẽ, for that through him, they receyued ſo greate be|nefites, God by ſuch meanes working in the peo|ples hartes a deſire to come to the vnderſtandyng of his lawes. The King alſo gaue vnto Wilfrid a place called Seoleſew, compaſſed about on each ſide (except on the Weſt halfe) with the Sea, con|teyning .87. houſholdes or families, where he built an Abbey, and baptiſed all his tenauntes there, a|mounting to the number of .250. bond men and bond women,Bondmen made t [...]ely free. whome hee made free both in body and ſoule, for he did not only baptiſe them, but al|ſo enfranchiſed them of all bodily ſeruitude and bondage.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 In this meane while, many things happened in other partes of this lande, and firſt in the yeare after the appearing of the blaſing Starre before mentioned, a mightie battell was fought betwixt the ſayd Ecgfrid, and Edilred King of Mercia, neere to the riuer of Trent, where Alſwine ye bro|ther of King Ecgfrid was ſlaine, with many o|ther of the Northumbers, ſo that King Ecgfrid was conſtreyned to returne home with loſſe. The Archbiſhop of Canterbury Theodorus percey|ning that great warre and effuſion of bloud was like to followe thereof, trauelled ſo in the matter betwixt them, that they were made friendes, and Ecgfrid had a peece of money in recompence of his loſſes. The foreſayd battell was fought in the yeare of our Lord .679. and in the yeare follo|wing, that is to ſay,679 680 in the yere of our Lord .680. whiche was alſo the tenth yeare of the raigne of Ecgfrid King of Northumberland, the ſixth yere of the raigne of Edelred King of Mercia, the ſe|uententh of the raigne of Aldvulfe King of the Eaſt angles, and in ye ſeuenth yeare of the raigne of Lothere king of Kente,A Synode at Hatfielde. the Archbiſhop of Cã|terbury Theodorus held another Synod at Hat|field, about the day of the fifteenth Kalendes of October, in the which all the Cleargie there pre|ſent, ſubſcribed to certaine Articles touching the EEBO page image 183 beleefe of the trinitie of perſons,Articles ſub|ſcribed. in the vnitie of the Gadhead of like ſubſtãce, and alſo of the ſame vnitie in trinitie, according to the true faith of the Church of God: and moreouer, they acknowled|ged by the like ſubſcription, the fiue generall coũ|cels of Nice, and Conſtantinople the firſt, of E|pheſus, of Calcedone, and of Conſtantinople the ſecond, with the Synode alſo holden at Rome in the dayes of Martin Biſhop of Rome, about the ninth yeare of the Emperour Conſtantine. At this Sinode holden at Hatfield, was preſente one Iohn the Archechanter of Saint Peters Church at Rome, ſent into this lande of purpoſe to bring from hence a certificat vnto Pope Agatho of the agreement of the Engliſh Church in matters of faith, with other churches of the Chriſtiã world: but the foreſayde Archechantor dyed by the way in Fraunce, as he returned homewards, and was buried at Towers in Towrayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Bale. The Abbeſſe Hilda. Beda. The ſame yeare, that famous woman Hilda Abbeſſe of Whitby, departed out of this life, or as other ſay, a fiue yeares after, hauing firſte bin de|teyned a long time with greeuous ſickneſſe. She was the daughter of one Herrericus the Nephew of King Edwin, and conuerted to the faythe of Chriſt at the preaching of Biſhop Pauline, and afterwards inſtructed by Biſhop Aydan, profeſ|ſed hir ſelfe a Nunne, applying hir whole ſtudie to the reading of the Scriptures, to prayer, and o|ther godly exerciſes. She builded the Abbey of Whitby, wherein were placed both men and wo|men, with ſuche an equalitie in all thyngs, that there was no rich perſon amongſt them, nor any that wanted things neceſſary. She departed out of this life on the fifteenth Kalendes of Decem|ber,Bale. Beda. Ran. Ceſtren. Mat. VV eſt. being .66. yeares of age. As ſome haue writ|ten ſhe argued ſtoutly on Biſhop Colmons part, at the diſputation holden in the Monaſterie of Whitby, in the yeare of grace .664. whereof yee haue heard before.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 H. Hunton.About the yeare of our Lorde .682. that is to ſay, in the ſeuenth yeare of Centwine or Centi|uinus King of Weſt Saxons, the ſame Cent|wine fought with the Britaynes, and ouercame them in battayle,The Britaynes diſcomfited. purſuing them with fire and ſword vnto the Sea ſide.

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