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5.33. Kimarus.


Compare 1587 edition: 1 KImarus the ſonne of Sicilius, began to raign ouer the Brytaynes,Kima| [...]s. in the yeare of the world 3657. and after the buylding of Rome .442. and in the firſt yeare of the .117. Olympiade.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Kimarus being a wild yong man, and giuen to follow his luſtes and pleaſure, [...]ian. was [...] by ſome that were his enimies, as he was abrode in hunting, when hee had raigned ſcarcely three yeares.

5.34. Elanius.


Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 29]Elanius ye son of Kimarns, Elanius or as other haue, M [...]t [...]. VVeſt. his brother, began to rule the Brytaines in the yere after the creation of ye world. 3661. after the building of Rome. 445. after the deliuerance of the Israelites. 229. and in the fourth yere of the Seleuciens, after which account the bookes of Machabees doe recken, which beganne in the xiiij. after the death of Alexander.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Elanius in the Englishe Chronicle is named also Haran, by Mat. VVestm. Danius. and by an olde Chronicle which Fabian muche followed, Elanius: and Kimarus shoulde seeme to be one person: but other holde the contrarie, and say that he raigned fully .viij. yeares.

5.35. Morinde.


Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 29] MOrindus the Ba|ſtard ſonne of E|lanius,Mo|rind. was admitted king at Brytayne, in the yeare of the worlde 3667. after the buylding of Rome .451. after the deliuerance of the Iſ|raelites .236. and in the tenth yeare of Caſſan|der K. of Mar [...]a, which hauing diſpatched Olympias the mother of Alexander the great, and gotten Roxanes with Alexanders ſonne into his handes, [...] the kingdome of the Macedonians, and helde it .xv. yeares.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Morindus in the Engliſhe Chronicle is called Morwi [...]h, and was a man of worthie fame in [...] and Martial doings, but ſo cru|ell withall, that his vnmercifull nature could vn|eth be ſatiſfied with the tormẽts of them that had offended him, although oftentymes with his own handes he cruelly put them to torture and execu|tion. He was alſo beautifull and comely of perſo|nage, liberall and bounteous, and of a me [...]uel|lous ſtrength.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In his dayes, a certaine king of the people cal|led Morlani, with a great army landed in Nor|thumberlande,G. Mon. and beganne to make cruell warre vpon the inhabitantes. But Morind aduertiſed hereof, aſſembled his Brytaines, came againſt the enimies, and in battaile put them to [...]ight, and chaſing them to th [...]y'r ſhippe [...], [...] great num|ber EEBO page image 30 of them priſoners, whom to the ſatiſfying of his cruell nature he cauſed to be ſlaine euen in his preſence. Some of them were headed, ſome ſtran|gled, ſome panched, and ſome he cauſed to be ſlain quicke.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Theſe people who Gal. Mon. nameth Mo|riani,The like may be thought of thoſe Murreys or Morauians of whom. H.B. ſpeaketh. Fabian. I take to bee eyther thoſe that inhabited a|bout Terrouane and Calice called Mo [...]ni, or ſome other people of the Gaulles or Germalues, and not as ſome eſteeme them, Moranians, or Merhenners, whiche were not knowne to the world (as Humfrey Llhuid hath verie well noted) tyll about the dayes of the Emperour Mauri|tius, which miſcõſtructiõ of names hath brought the Brytiſhe Hyſtorie further out of credite than reaſon requyreth, if the cyrcumſtaunces be duely conſidered.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But now to ende with Morindus. At length this bloudie Prince heard of a Monſter that was come a lande out of the Iriſh ſea, with the which when he woulde needes fight, he was of the ſame deuoured, after he had raigned the terme of .viij. yeares, leauing behinde him fiue ſonnes, Gor| [...]omannus, Archig [...]llo, Elidurus, Vigenius, or Nigenius, and Peredurus.

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