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5.20. Cunedag and Margan contende for the gouernement.

Cunedag and Margan contende for the gouernement.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 [figure appears here on page 20] CVnedagius & Mar|ganus Nephews to Cordeilla,Cune|dag & Mar|gan. hauing reco|uered the land out of hir hands, deuided the ſame betwixt them, that is to wit, the countrey ouer & beyonde Humber fell to Margan as it ſtretcheth euen to Catneſſe, & the other part lying South, EEBO page image 27 and by weſt, was aſſigned to Cunidagius. This pertition chanced in the yeere of the World .3170. before the building of Rome .47. Vzia as yet raigning in Iuda, & Ieroboam in Iſrael. After|wards, theſe two couſins, Cunedag and Margã, had not raigned thus paſt a two yeares, but tho|rough ſome ſeditious perſons, Margan was per|ſwaded to reiſe warre againſt Cunedag, telling him in his eare, howe it was a ſhame for him be|ing come of the elder ſiſter, not to haue the rule of the whole Ile in his hande. Herevpon, ouercome with pride, ambition, & couetouſneſſe, he reiſed an army, [...]argan in| [...]deth his [...]uſin Cune| [...]g. & entring into ye land of Cunedag, he brẽ|ued & deſtroyed ye coũtrey before him in miſerable maner. Cunedag in all haſt to reſiſt his aduer|ſarie, aſſembled alſo al ye power he could make, & comming with the ſame againſt Margan, gaue him battell, in the which be ſlew a great nũber of Margãs people, and put ye reſidue to flight, and furthermore purſued him from countrey to coũ|trey, till hee came into Cambria, nowe called Wales, where ye ſaid Margan gaue him eftſones a new battell: but beeing too weake in number of men, [...]argan is [...]yne. he was there ouercome & ſlaine in ye field, by reaſon wherof, yt countrey tooke name of him, be|ing there ſlaine, [...] VVest. and ſo is called to this day Glau Margã, which is to meane in our Engliſh tong, Margans land. This was the end of that Mar|gan, after hee had raigned with his brother two yeres, or thereaboutes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 AFter the death of Margan, Cunedagius the ſon of Hẽnius & Ragay (middlemoſt daugh|ter of Leir,Cune|dagius [...]lone. before mentioned) became Ruler of all the whole lãd of Britayne, in ye yere of ye World 3172. before the building of Rome .45. Vzia ſtill raigning in Iuda, and Ieroboam in Iſraell. He gouerned this Ile wel & honorably for the tearme of .xxxiij. yeeres: And then dying, his body was buried at Troynouant or Londõ. Moreouer our writers do reporte, that hee builded alſo three tẽ|ples, one to Mars at Perth in Scotland, another to Mercury at Bangor, and the thirde to Apollo in Cornewall.

5.21. Ryuall the .13. Ruler.

Ryuall the .13. Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Riual. [figure appears here on page 27] RIuallon, the ſon of Cunedag began to raign ouer ye Britaines, in the yere of the world 3203. before the building of Rome .15. Ibathan as then beeing King of Iuda, and Phacea king of Iſrael. This Ryuall gouerned the lande in greate wealth and pro|ſperitie.It rayned bloud. Mat. VVeſt. In his time it raigned bloud by the ſpace of three dayes togither. After which raigne enſu|ed ſuch an exceding nũber and multitude of flies, ſo noyſome and contagious, that muche people died by reaſon thereof. When he ha [...] [...] yeeres he died & was b [...]ed at [...]aer [...]ranke nowe called Yorke. In ye time of this Ryuals raigne,Rome builded. was the Citie of Rome builded, after the accor|dance of moſt parte of writers. Perdix alſo a wiſehart, and a learned Aſtrologian florriſheth & writeth his prophecies, and H [...]ne alſo.

5.22. Gurguſt the .14. Ruler.

Gurguſt the .14. Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 27] GVrguſtius,Gurguſt [...] the ſon of the beforenamed Riuall, beganne to go|uerne the Britaynes in the yeere after the Cre|atiõ of the world .3249. and after the firſt foun|dation of Rome .33. E| [...]echias raigning in Iu|da. This Gurguſtius in ye Chronicle of Eng|land, is called Gordodian the ſonne of Reignald, he raigned .37. yeres: then departing this life, was buried at Caerbranke (now called Yorke) by hys father.

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