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5.13. Ebranke the fifth Ruler.

Ebranke the fifth Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 17] EBranke the ſon of Mempricius,Ebrãck began to rule ouer the Britaynes in ye yere of the Worlde 2969. He had as writers doe of hym record, one & twẽty wiues,Ebranck had xxi wiues. Thirty daugh+ters ſent into Italy. on whome he begote .xx. ſonnes and thirtie daugh|ters, of the whiche the eldeſt hight Guales, or Gualea. Theſe daughters he ſent to Alba Silui|us, which was the eleuenth king of Italy, or the ſixth King of the Latines, to the end they might be married to his noble men of the bloud of Troi|ans, bycauſe the Sabines refuſed to ioyne their daughters with them in marriage. Furthermore,Bergomas lib. 6. he was the firſt Prince of his lande that euer in|uaded Fraunce after Brute, and is commended as author and originall builder of many Cities, both in his owne kingdome, and elſe where. Hys EEBO page image 18 ſonnes alſo vnder the conduct of Aſſaracus, one of their eldeſt brethren, returning out of Italy, af|ter they had conducted their ſiſters thither, inua|ded Germany, being firſt moleſted by the people of that countrey in their rage, and by the helpe of the ſayd Alba, ſubdued a great part of that coun|trey, and there planted themſelues. Our hiſtories ſay, that Ebracus their father married them in their returne, and ayded them in their conqueſts, and that he builded the Citie of Caerbrank,The Citie of Caerbranke builded. Mat. VVeſt. now called Yorke, about. the 14. yeare of his raigne. He builded alſo in Albania now called Scotland, the Caſtel of Maydens, afterward called Eden|burgh of Aidan one of their kings. The Citie of Alclud was builded likewiſe by hym as (ſome write) now decayed. After which cities thus buil|ded, he ſayled ouer into Gallia, now called Frãce with a great army, and ſubduing the Guilles as is aforeſayde, he returned home with great riches and triumph.Fortie yeeres hath. Math. Weſt. and Gal. Monume. And when he had guided the lande of Britayne in noble wiſe by the tearme of fortie yeares, he died, and was buried at Yorke.

5.14. Brute Greeneſhielde the .6. Ruler.

Brute Greeneſhielde the .6. Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 18] BRute Greeneſhielde, the ſonne of Ebrank,Brute Grene|ſhielde. was made gouernor of this lande in the yeere of ye world .3009. Aſa raig|ning in Iuda, and Ba|aſa in Iſraell. Thys Prince bare alwayes in the field a greene ſhielde, whereof he toke hys ſur|name,Iacobus Lef. and of him ſome forraine authors affirme, yt he made an attempte to bring the whole Realme of Fraunce vnder his ſubiection, which he performed, bycauſe his father ſuſteined ſome diſhonor and loſſe in his laſt voy|age into that countrey. Howbeit they ſay, yt whẽ he came into Henand,Strabo lib. 4. Brinchild a Prince of ye quarter gaue him alſo a greate ouerthrowe, and compelled him to retire home agayne into hys countrey. This I borrow out of William Har|riſon, who in his chronologie toucheth the ſame at large, concluding in the end, that the ſaid paſ|ſage of this Prince into France is very likely to be true, and that he named a percell of Armorica lying on the South, and in manner vpon the ve|ry loyne after his owne name, and alſo a Citie which he builded there Britayne. For (ſayth he) it ſhould ſeeme by Strabo. lib. 4. that there was a noble Citie of that name long before his time in the ſayde countrey, whereof Plinie alſo ſpeaketh lib. 4. cap. 7. albeit that he aſcribe it vnto France after a diſordred maner. More I finde not of this aforeſaid Brute, ſauing that he ruled the lande a certaine time, his father yet liuing, and after hys deceſſe the tearme of twelue yeeres, and then dy|ed, and was buried at Caerbranke nowe called Yorke.

5.15. Leill the ſeuenth Ruler.

Leill the ſeuenth Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 [figure appears here on page 18] LEil the ſon of Brute Greeneſhielde,Leil. began to raigne in the yeere of the world .3021. the ſame time that Aſa was raig|ning in Iuda, and Am|bri in Iſrael. He built the Citie nowe called Car|lile,Carele [...] ded. which then after hys owne name was called Caerleil, that is, Leil his Citie, or the Citie of Leil. He repayred alſo (as Henry Bradſhawe hathe, the Citie of Caerleon now called Cheſter,Cheſter [...]payred. which as by the ſame Brad|ſhaw it appeareth, was built before Brutus en|tring into this lande by a Giaunte named Leon Gauer. But what authoritie he hadde to auouche this, it may be doubted, for Ranulfe Higdẽ in his worke entituled Policronicon, ſaith in playne wordes, that it is vnknowen who was the firſte founder of Cheſter, but that it toke the name of ye ſoiourning there of ſome Romayne Legions, by whom alſo it is not vnlike that it might be firſte built by P. Ostorius Scapula, who as we find, after he had ſubdued Caratacus king of ye Ordouices yt inhabited ye countreys now called Lancaſhire, Cheſſhire, & Salupſhire, built in thoſe partes, & a|mong ye Silures, certain places of defence, for the better herbourgh of his men of warre, & keeping down of ſuche Britaynes as were ſtill ready to moue rebelliõ. But now to ye purpoſe concerning K. Leil. We find it recorded yt he was in ye begin|ning of his raigne very vpright, & deſirous to ſee iuſtice executed, & aboue all things loued peace & quietneſſe, but as yeres encreaſed with him, ſo his vertues began to diminiſh, in ſo much, that abã|doning ye care for the body of ye common welth, he ſuffered his own body to welter in all vice and voluptuouſneſſe, & ſo procuring the hatred of hys ſubiectes, cauſed malice and diſcorde to ryſe a|mõgſt them, which during his life, he was neuer able to appeaſe. But leauing them ſo at variãce, departed this life, and was buried at Careleil which as ye haue heard he had builded, whyle hee liued.

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