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5.10. Locrinus, the ſecond ru|ler of Britayne.

Locrinus, the ſecond ru|ler of Britayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 16] LOcrinus, or Lo|crine, the firſt be|gottẽ ſonne of Brute begã to reigne ouer ye coũtrey called Logiers in the yere of ye world 1874. and held to his part the countrey that ſtretched frõ ye ſouthe ſea vnto the riuer of Humber,Gal. [...] Mat. VV [...]. Fa. one of [...] de C [...]. as is afore remembred.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Whyle thys Locrinus gouerned Lo|giers, his brother Albanact ruled in Albania,Gal. M [...]. Mat. VVe [...]. as is ſayde, and there was finally ſlayne in a bataile by a King of the Hunnes or Scythi|ans, called Humber, which inuaded that part of Britain, & got poſſeſſiõ therof, til Locrinus with his brother Cãber, in reuẽge of their other EEBO page image 17 brothers death, and for the recouery of the king|dome, gathered their powers togither, and com|ming againſt the ſaid King of the Hunes, by the valiancie of their people they diſcomfited hym in battell, [...] ſhuld ſeme [...]athe was [...]ome ouer the Humber. and chaſed him ſo egrely, that he himſelfe and a greate number of his men were drowned in the Gulfe that then parted Loegria and Alba|nia, which after tooke name of ye ſayd king, & was called Humber, and ſo continueth vnto this day.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 [...]al. Mon.Moreouer, in this battell againſt the Hunes were three yong Damoſels taken of excellente beauty, ſpecially one of them, whoſe name was Eſtrild, daughter to a certayne king of Scithia. With this Eſtrild king Locrine fel ſo far in loue, notwithſtãding a former contract made betwixt him & the Lady Guendoloena, daughter to Co|rineus Duke of Cornewall, yt he meant yet with all ſpeede to marrie the ſame Eſtrild. But beyng earneſtly called vpon, and in manner forced ther|to by Corineus, hee chaunged his purpoſe, and married Guendoloena, keeping neuertheleſſe the foreſayde Eſtrild to paramor ſtill after a ſecrete ſort, during ye life of Corineus his father in lawe. But after yt Corineus was departed this world, Locrine forſooke Guendoloena, and maried E|ſtrild. Guendoloena therfore being caſt off by hir huſband, gote hir into Cornewall to hir friendes and kinrede, and there procured them to make warre againſt the ſayde Locrine hir huſbande, in the whiche warres hee was ſlaine and a battayle foughte neere to the riuer of Sture, after he hadde raigned (as writers affirme) twenty yeeres, and buried by his father in the Citie of Troynouant,Mat. VVeſt. leauing behinde him a yong ſonne (begotten of his wife Guendoloena) named Madan, as yet vn|meete to gouerne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...]he is not [...]ambred a| [...]ongſt thoſe [...]hat raigned [...] rulers in [...]his land by [...]at. Weſt.Guendoloena or Guendoleyn the wife of Lo|crinus, & daughter of Corineus Duke of Corne|wall, for ſo muche as hir ſonne Madan was not of yeeres ſufficient to gouerne, was by common conſent of the Britons made ruler of the Iſle, in the yeere of the world .2894. and ſo hauing ye ad|miniſtration in hir handes, ſhe did right diſcretly vſe hir ſelfe therein, to the comforte of all hir ſub|iects, till hir ſonne Madan came to lawfull age: and then ſhe gaue ouer the rule and dominion to him, [...]al. Mon. after ſhee had gouerned the ſpace of fifteene yeeres.

5.11. Madan the third Ruler.

Madan the third Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Madã.MAdan the ſonne of Locrine, and Guindo|line entred into ye gouernement of Britaine in the .2909. of the world. There is little lefte in writing of his doings, ſauing that he vſed greate tyranny amongſt his Britons: and therefore af|ter he had ruled this land the tearme of .40. yeres, he was deuoured of wilde beaſtes, as he was a|broad in hũting. He left behind him two ſonnes, Mempricius, and Manlius. Hee builded as is reported Madan Caiſtre, now Dancaſtre, which reteineth ſtill the later parte of hys name.

5.12. Mempricius the fourth Ruler.

Mempricius the fourth Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 17] MEmpricius the el|deſt ſonne of Ma|dan,Mem|pritius. Fabian. began to raigne o|uer the Britaynes in the yere of the world .2949. hee continued not long in peace. For his brother Manlius vpon an am|bitious minde prouoked the Britaynes to rebell againſt him, ſo that ſore and deadly warre continued long betweene thẽ. But finally, vnder colour of a treatie,Manlius is ſlayne. Gal. Mon. Manlius was ſlaine by his brother Mempricius, ſo that then he liued in more tranquilitie and reſt. How|beit, being deliuered thus from trouble of warres, he fell into ſlouth, and ſo into vnlawfull luſt of lecherie, and thereby into the hatred of his people,Slouth engen|dred Lechery. by forcing of their wiues and daughters. And fi|nally became ſo beaſtly, that he forſooke his law|full wife and all his concubines, and fell into the abhominable ſinne of Sodomy. And thus from one vice he fell into another, till he became odible to God and man, and at length,Mempritius is deuoured of beaſts. going on hun|ting, was loſt of his people, and deſtroyed of wilde beaſtes, when he had raigned twentie yeares, lea|uing behinde him a noble yong ſonne named E|branke, begotten of his lawfull wife.

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