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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The same daie after noone,Creation of banerets, knights, &c. the duke of Summer|set adorned with titles of dignitie diuerse lords, knights, and gentlemen, the names and promotions of whom master Patten hath set downe out of the he|ralds booke, as followeth: Sir Rafe Sadler treasu|ror,Banerets. sir Francis Brian capteine of the light horsse|men, sir Rafe Uane lieutenant of all the horsse|men: these knights were made banerets, a digni|tie aboue a knight, and next to a baron. The lord Greie of Wilton high marshall,Knights. Edward Seimer the duke of Sum|mersets son. the lord Edward Seimer the duke of Summersets son, the lord Tho|mas Howard, the lord Waldike a Cleuelander, sir Thomas Dacres, sir Edward Hastings, sir Ed|mund Bridges, sir Iohn Thin, sir Miles Patridge, sir Iohn Conweie, sir Giles Poole, sir Rafe Bag|noll, sir Oliuer Laurence, sir Henrie Gates, sir Tho|mas Chaloner, sir Francis Fleming master of the ordinance, sir Iohn Gresham,Sir Francis Fleming. sir William Skip|with, sir Iohn Buts, sir George Blaag, sir Willi|am Francis, sir Francis Knolles, sir William Thornburrow, sir George Howard, sir Iames Wil|ford, sir Rafe Coppinger, sir Thomas Wentworth, sir Iohn Meruen, sir Nicholas Strange, sir Charles Sturton, sir Hugh Askue, sir Francis Salmin, sir Richard Tounleie, sir Marmaduke Conestable, sir George Audleie, sir Iohn Holcroft, sir Iohn South|worth, sir Thomas Danbie, sir Iohn Talbot, sir Rowland Clarke, sir Iohn Horsleie, sir Iohn For|ster, sir Christopher Dies, sir Peter Negro, sir Alan|zo de Uile, sir Henrie Husseie, sir Iames Granado Brabander, sir Walter Bonham, sir Robert Brand|ling maior of Newcastell, and made knight there at the duke of Summersets returne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But now that Rockesburgh was sufficientlie made defensible (the which to sée it séemed the duke of Summerset had vowed before he would thence de|part) his grace and the councell did first determine that my lord Greie should remaine vpon the bor|ders there as the kings lieutenant, and then tooke or|der for the forts:Order taken for defense of the fort gai|ned and built in this voiage. that sir Andrew Dudleie capteine of Broughticrag had left with two hundred soldi|ers of harquebutters & others, and a sufficient num|ber of pioners for his works: sir Edward Dudleie capteine of Hume castell threescore harquebutters, EEBO page image 992 fortie horssemen, and a hundred pioners: sir Rafe Bulmer capteine of Rockesburgh thrée hundred soldiers of harquebutters and others, and two hun|dred pioners. As things were thus concluded, and warning giuen ouer night on this wednesdaie be|ing Michaelmasse euen,The armie re|turneth home|wards. on the next morrow being Michaelmasse daie euerie man fell to packing apase and got them homewards, passing ouer the Twéed there with some trouble and danger also,The danger of the soldiers in passing the riuer of Twéed. by reason of raine that latelie fell before, & had raised the streame, which being swift of it selfe, and the chanell vneuen in the bottome with great stones made the passage cumbersome, so that manie as well horssemen as footmen were in no small perill as they passed tho|rough, and one or two drowned, and manie cariages ouerthrowne, and in great hazzard of losing.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The duke of Summerset rode streight to New|castell, and thence homewards. The earle of War|wike, my lord Greie, and sir Rafe Sadler, with di|uerse other rode to Berwike, to abide the comming of the Scotish commissioners. In the meane time of their tarieng there, the earle of Warwike made sir knights;Knights made. sir Thomas Neuill the lord Neuils brother, sir Andrew Corbet, sir Anthonie Strelleie, sir Arthur Manering, sir Richard Uerneie, sir Iohn Berteuille. After that the earle of Warwike had ta|ried for the comming of the Scots the full terme of the appointment, which was vntill the fourth of Octo|ber, and perceiued they came not, the next daie he departed homewards.

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