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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The determi|natiõ in what [...] Rockes|burgh should be fortified.Soone after the lord protectors surueie of the plot, and determination to doo as much in déed for ma|king it defensible, as shortnesse of the time & season of the yéere could suffer (which was) that one great trench of twentie foot broad with depth according, and a wall of like depth, bredth, and heigth, should be made crosse within the castell from the one side wall to the other, and fortie foot from the west end: and that a like trench and wall should likewise be cast a trauerse within, about a coits cast from the east end, and hereto that the castell walles on either side where néed was, should be mended with turffe, and made with lowps, as well for shooting directlie for|ward as for flanking at hand: the worke of which deuise did make that (beside the safegard of these trenches and walles) the keepers should also be much defended from the enimies force by both the end walles of the castell: the pioners were set a worke, and diligentlie applied in the same.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 The lard of Sesseforth, and manie other lards and gentlemen of Tiuidall and the Mers, hauing come and communed with the lord protector and the coun|cell,Scots that came to the kings obei|s [...]ce. made an assurance, or as it were a truce for that daie, till the next daie at night; and on the next daie, while assurance lasted, these lards and gentlemen be|ing the chiefest in the whole Mers and Tiuidale, came in againe, whome the dukes grace with wisedome and policie without bloudshed did win then vnto the kings obedience, for the which they did willinglie then receiue an oth: whose names in part insue. The lard of Sesseforth,Lards. the lard of Fernihurst, the lard of Greenehead, the lard of Hunthill, the lard of Huntleie, the lard of Markeston by Merside, the lard of Boniedworth, the lard of Ormeston, the lard of Mailestaine, the lard of Warmeseie, the lard of Linton, the lard of Egerston, the lard of Marton, the lard of Mow, the lard of Reddell, the lard of Reamerside.Gentlemen. George Trombull, Iohn Hollibur|ton, Robert Car of Greiden, Adam Kirton, An|drew Kirton, Andrew Meither, Sander Spur of Erleston, Marke Car of Littleden, George Car of Faldenside, Alexander Makdowell, Charles Ro|therford, Thomas Car of the Yere, Iohn Car of Meinthorne, Walter Holiburton, Richard Han|ganside, Andrew Car, Iames Dowglas of Cauers, Iames Car of Mersington, George Hoppringle, William Ormeston of Enmerden, Iohn Grim|stow. Manie more there were beside, but ouerpas|sed by maister Patten, for that they remained in the register with these, as he saith. The duke of Sum|merset tendred the furtherance of the worke so much,The diligence of the duke of Summerset to further the fortification to Rockes|burgh. that he forbare not to laie his owne hand to the spade and shouell, thereby to incourage others: so as there were but few lords, knights, and gentlemen in the field, but with spade, shouell, or mattocke did therein their parts.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The fiue and twentith of September being sun|daie, the Scots began to bring vittels to the campe, & were so well intreated and paied for the same, that during the time of the Englishmens abode there, they wanted not of the commodities which their countrie could minister. The eight and twentith of September a Scotish herald accompanied with cer|teine Frenchmen,A Scotish herald. that were perchance more desi|rous to marke the armie than to wit of their wel|fare, came and declared that within a seauen-night after, their commissioners, to whome safe conduct had béene granted, should come and commune with our councell at Berwike; whose comming the earle of Warwike, and sir Rafe Sadler with other the commissioners appointed, did so long while there a|bide. But what the Scots ment by breaking promise I cannot saie, howbeit come they did not, & therfore escaped not the iust note of dissimulation, howsoeuer else they could colour the matter in their owne ex|cuse.

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