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On the first of September being sundaie, one Gratnell hangman of London and two other were hanged at the wrestling place by Clearken well,Hangman hanged. for robbing a booth in Bartholomew faire, at which exe|cution were aboue twentie thousand people, as Ed|ward Hall himselfe (then a present beholder) iudged. This moneth of September, Thomas Cromwell lord priuie seale, vicegerent to the kings highnesse, sent foorth iniunctions to all bishops & curats through the realme,The bible in euerie church to be read. charging them to see that in euery parish church, the bible of the largest volume, printed in English, were placed for all men to read on: and that a booke of register were also prouided and kept in euerie parish church, wherein shall be written eue|rie wedding, christening, and burieng,Register booke in euerie church to be kept. within the same parish for euer.

Saint Augustines abbeie at Canturburie was suppressed, and the shrine & goods taken to the kings treasurie, as also the shrine of Thomas Becket in the priorie of Christs church was likewise taken to the kings vse, and his bones, scull and all,Thomas Becket burnt. which was there found, with a peece broken out by the wound of his death, were all burnt in the same church by the lord Cromwell. The moonks there were commanded to change their habits, &c. The one and twentith of October, the church of Thomas Becket in London called the hospitall of saint Thomas of Acres was suppressed. Nicholas Gibson groser, for this yeare shiriffe of London, builded a free schoole at Ratcliffe, néere vnto London, appointing to the same,Frée schoole and almes houses at Ratcliffe. for the instruction of thréescore poore mens children, a schoole|master and vsher, with a stipend of ten pounds by the yere to the master, and six pounds thirteene shillings foure pence to the vsher. He also builded there cer|teine almes houses for fouretéene poore and aged per|sons, who quarterlie receiue six shillings eight pence a peece for euer.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this season sute was made to the king by the emperour, to take to wife the duchesse of Millan: but shortlie after that sute brake off, bicause (as was thought) the emperours councell ment by a cautell to haue brought the king in mind to sue for a licence of the pope. Then the duke of Cleue began to sue to the king, that it would please him to match with his sister the ladie Anne, which after tooke effect. In No|uember, one Iohn Nicholson, otherwise called Lam|bert, EEBO page image 946 a priest,Iohn Nichol|son aliàs Lambert. was accused of heresie, for holding opi|nion against the bodilie presence in the sacrament of the altar. He appealed to the kings maiestie, who fa|uourablie consented to heare him at a daie appoin|ted, against which daie, in the kings palace at West|minster, within the kings hall, there was set vp a throne or seat roiall for the king, with scaffolds for all the lords, and a stage for Nicholson to stand vpon.

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