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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This Nicholson was esteemed to be a man well learned, but that daie he vttered no such knowledge (saith Hall) as was thought to be in a man of that estimation. Diuerse arguments were ministred to him by the bishops, but namelie the king pressed him sore, and in the end offered him pardon if he would renounce his opinion: but he would not consent thereto, and therefore he was there condemned, and had iudgement, and so shortlie after he was drawne into Smithfield, and there burnt to ashes. The third of Nouember,The marques of Excester condemned. Henrie Courtnie marques of Exce|ster and earle of Deuonshire, Henrie Poole lord Montacute, and sir Edward Neuill brother to the lord Aburgauennie, were sent to the tower, being accused by sir Geffrie Poole, brother to the lord Mon|tacute, of high treason. They were indicted for deui|sing to mainteine, promote, & aduance one Reginald Poole, late deane of Excester, enimie to the king beyond the sea, & to depriue the king. The marques, and the lord Montacute were arreigned the last of December at Westminster before the lord Audleie that was chancellor, and for that present time high steward of England, and there they found him giltie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 I. Stow. pag. 1019.The third daie after were arreigned sir Edward Neuill, sir Geffreie Poole, two priests called Crofts and Collins, & one Holland a mariner, & all attein|ted.Frieries suppressed. ¶The sixteenth of Nouember, was the blacke friers in London suppressed, the next daie the white friers, the graie friers, and the moonks of the Char|terhouse, and so all the other immediatlie. The foure and twentith of Nouember, the bishop of Rochester preached at Paules crosse,Bloud of Hales shewed at Pauls crosse. & there shewed the bloud of Hales, and affirmed the same to be no bloud, but honie clarified, and coloured with saffron, as it had beene euidentlie prooued before the king and his councell. Also foure anabaptists, thrée men, and one woman,Anabaptists. all Dutch, bare fagots at Paules crosse the same daie. The nintéenth of Nouember, a man and a woman Dutch anabaptists, were burnt in Smith|field.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The ninth of Ianuarie, the lord marques, and the lord Montacute, with sir Edward Neuill lost their heads on the Tower hill.The lord marques executed. The two priests and Holland were drawne to Tiburne, and there han|ged and quartered. Sir Geffreie Poole had his par|don. ¶On Ashwednesdaie, Iohn Ihons, Iohn Pot|ter, & William Manering, were hanged in the prin|ces liueries (bicause they were the princes seruants) on the southside of Paules chuchyard, for killing Roger Cholmeleie esquier in that place, of malice prepensed. The third of March, sir Nicholas Carew of Bedington in the countie of Surrie knight of the garter,Sir Nicho|las Carew executed. and maister of the kings horsse, condem|ned before of treason, was beheaded on the Tower hill, where he made a godlie confession, both of his fault, and superstitious faith, giuing God thanks, for that his hap was to be prisoner in the Tower, where he first sauored the pleasant tast of Gods holie word, meaning the bible in English, which there he read by the exhortation of one Thomas Philips then kéeper of that prison, and sometime a citizen and point-ma|ker of London, who had béene in some trouble for religion, and examined before doctor Stokeslie bi|shop of London, and sir Thomas More, but through his wise demeanor and mild answers, he escaped their hands.

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