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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 EEBO page image 893Ye must here note, that the emperour being at Windsor in the fourtéenth yeere of the kings reigne couenanted, amongst other things, to take to wife the ladie Marie daughter to the king of England: but now vpon considerations his mind changed, for the which the Englishmen sore murmured against him. On the nine and twentith of Aprill being sun|daie, the cardinall soong a solemne masse in the kings chappell at Gréenewich, Anno. Reg. 18. and after the same was en|ded, the king sware in presence of the ambassadors of France,K [...]ng Henrie s [...]rne to per|for [...]e the lea|gue concluded. and of the ambassadors of Rome, of the emperour of Uenice, and of Florence, to obserue and kéepe the peace and league concluded betwixt him and his louing brother, and perpetuall alie the French king, during his life and one yeare after.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this meane while, there was a secret league concluded betwixt the pope,A secret lea|g [...] betwixt [...] pope and [...] states of I [...]alie. the Uenecians, the Flo|rentins, and Francis Sforza duke of Millan: into the which league the French king also entered, after he was returned into France. There was also place left to the king of England to enter into the same league, and likewise to all other kings and princes: and if the king of England would, he should be ad|mitted as protector of the same. But the emperour might not be admitted, till he had deliuered the French kings children (hauing a reasonable summe of monie for the same) and had restored the duke of Millan to his whole duchie. It was thought indéed, that the emperour being wrongfullie informed a|gainst this duke, rather through enuie of some of the emperours capteins, than for anie cause ministred by the duke, dealt verie streightlie with him, & meant to defeat him of his duchie. For redresse wherof, and also to prouide that the emperor should not grow too strong in Italie to the danger of other estates, this league was deuised: by force whereof he might be brought to reason, if he would refuse conuenient of|fers and indifferent waies of agréement.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This league was concluded the two and twentith of Maie in this yeare. What followed thereof, ye may read more at large in the histories of Italie and France,Read Guic. [...].18. where the warres are more at large tou|ched, which chanced in that season betwixt the empe|rour, and the confederats, and how the imperiall ar|mie tooke the citie of Rome, and besieging the pope in castell saint Angelo, constreined him to yéeld, and agree to certeine propositions put vnto him. Abr. Fl. ex Guic. pag. 1067 ¶Who being by his aduersitie made naked of all helpe pre|sent, and lesse expectation to be rescued where was so great want of valour and order, was driuen to run the race of his fortune, compounding the sixt daie of Iune with the imperials almost vnder the same conditions with the which he might haue accor|ded before.The pope be|ing abando|ned of all [...]opes, com|p [...]ndeth with the im|perials. That the pope should paie to the armie foure hundred thousand duckets in this order: one hundred thousand presentlie to be defraied of the gold, monie, and treasure reserued in the castell: fif|tie thousand within twentie daies, and two hundred and fiftie thousand within two moneths: assigning to him for these defraiments, an impost of monie to be charged vpon the whole church state. That he should deliuer into the power of the emperour, to re|teine them so long as he thought good, the castell S. Angelo, the rockes of Ostia, of Ciuita Uecchia, of Ciuita Castelano, togither with the cities of Par|ma, Plaisanca, and Modena.

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