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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the moneth of Ianuarie, the cardinall by his EEBO page image 884 power Legantine,The friers obseruants impugne the cardinals au|thoritie. would haue visited the friers ob|seruants, but they in no wise would thereto condes|cend, wherefore ninetéene of the same religion were accurssed at Paules crosse, by one of their owne reli|gion, called frier Forrest. Iohn Iokin Steward of houshold to the French kings mother, this yéere whi|lest the French king was in Italie, came into Eng|land, & was receiued in secret maner into the house of one doctor Larke, a prebendarie of S. Stephans, and oftentimes talked with the cardinall about the affaires betwixt the kings of England and France, motioning waies for a peace to be concluded. When this was knowne abroad, as at the length it was, monsieur de Prate the emperours ambassador mis|liked such couert dooings, and sore grudged thereat. The foure and twentith of Ianuarie, the president of Rone called monsieur Brinion, came to London as ambassador from the French king, and was lodged with the said Iohn Iokin.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 On sundaie the fift of March were receiued in|to London monsieur de Beuer lord of Campher,Ambassadors from the em|perour and their requests. ad|merall of Flanders, and maister Iohn de la Coose, president of Malins, & maister Iohn de la Gache, as ambassadours from the ladie Margaret in the name of the emperour. These ambassadors required thrée things in their suit. First they demanded the ladie Marie the kings onelie daughter to be deliuered out of hand, and she to be named empresse, and to take possession of all the lowe countries, and to be gouer|nour of the same. Also that all such sums of monie as the king should giue with hir in mariage for a dow|er to be made to hir, should be paid incontinentlie. Thirdlie, that the king of England himselfe should passe the sea, and make warre in France the next summer. The two first demands were not agreed to for certeine causes, and as to this last, the king said he would take aduisement.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On thursdaie the ninth of March, at seauen of the clocke in the morning,Newes of the siege of Pauia & the taking of the French king prisoner. there came a gentleman in post from the ladie Margaret gouernesse of Flan|ders, which brought letters conteining how that the foure and twentith of Februarie, the siege of Pauia (where the French king had lien long) was raised by force of battell, and the French king himselfe taken prisoner. The same day the president of Rone, & Iohn Iokin were going to the court (for they had not yet spoken with the king) and in Holburne in their waie heard these tidings, whervpon they returned to their lodging right sorowfull, and within short space after returned to the regent of France. It was thought the king would haue agréed with the French king, if this chance had not hapned, for all the people of Eng|land grudged against Flanders, for the euill demea|nour of the Flemings in time of the warre. Also the king was displeased with them for inhancing his coine there, which caused much monie to be conueied out of this realme dailie ouer into that countrie. Bounfires and great triumph was made in London for the taking of the French king, on saturdaie the eleuenth of March; and on the morow after being sundaie the twelfe of March, the king came to Paules, and there heard a solemne masse, and after the same was ended, the quéere sang Te Deum, and the minstrels plaid on eueri [...] side.

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