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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to returne to the kings affaires concerning Scotland. The roiall armie aforesaid, Anno reg. 23. 1483 not intending to lose time, came suddenlie by the water side to the towne of Berwike, and there (what with force, and what with feare of so great an armie) tooke and ente|red the towne: but the earle of Bothwell,Berwike woone by the Englishmen. being cap|teine of the castell, would in no wise deliuer it; wher|fore the capteins, vpon good and deliberate aduise, planted a strong siege round about it. When this siege was laid, the two dukes and all the other soul|diers EEBO page image 706 (except the lord Stanleie, sir Iohn Eldrington treasuror of the kings house, sir William a Parre, and foure thousand men that were left behind to keepe the siege before the castell) departed from Ber|wike toward Edenburgh; and in marching thither|ward, they burnt and destroied manie townes and hastiles. King Iames hauing small confidence in his communaltie, and lesse trust in his nobilitie, kept himselfe within the castell of Edenburgh.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The duke of Glocester entered into the towne, and at the especiall desire of the duke of Albanie saued the towne, and the inhabitants from fire, bloud, and spoile, taking onelie of the merchants, such presents as they gentlie offered to him and his capteins, cau|sing Gartier principall king at armes to make a publike proclamation at the high crosse in the mar|ket place of Edenburgh; by the which he warned and admonished king Iames, to kéepe, obserue, and per|forme, all such promises, compacts, couenants, and agreements, as he had concluded and sealed with the king of England, and also to make suffi|cient recompense vnto his subiects, for the tyran|nie, spoile, and crueltie which he and his people had committed and doone, contrarie to the league, within the marches of his realme of England, before the first daie of August next insuing: and further with|out delaie to restore his brother the duke of Albanie to his estate, & all his possessions, offices, and authori|ties, in as large maner as he occupied & inioied the same before. Or else the duke of Glocester, lieute|nant generall for the king of England, was readie at hand to destroie him, his people, and countries, with slaughter, flame, and famine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Iames would make no answer, neither by word nor writing, but kept himselfe close within the castell. But the lords of Scotland lieng at Hading|ton with a great puissance, determined first to prac|tise with the duke of Glocester for a peace, and after by some meanes to allure the duke of Albanie from the English amitie. And vpon this motion, the se|cond daie of August they wrote to the duke of Glo|cester, requiring that the mariage betwéene the prince of Scotland, and king Edwards daughter might be accomplished, according to the couenants: and further, that a peace from thencefoorth might be louinglie concluded betwéene both the realmes. The duke of Glocester answered againe vnto these de|mands; that for the article of the mariage, he knew not the king his brothers determinate pleasure, ei|ther for the affirmance or deniall of the same; but ne|uerthelesse he desired full restitution of all the sums of monie pressed out in lone vpon the same mariage. And as for peace, he assured them that he wold agrée to none, except the castell of Berwike might be to him deliuered; or at the least wise, that he should vn|dertake that the siege lieng afore the same should not be troubled by the king of Scots, nor by anie of his subiects, nor by his or their procurement or meanes.

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