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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 King Edward, not a little displeased with this vn|princelie dooing, prouoked and set on also by the duke of Albanie, determined to inuade Scotland with an armie, as well to reuenge his owne iniuries recei|ued at the hands of king Iames, as to helpe to re|store the duke of Albanie vnto his countrie and pos|sessions againe.Preparation for warre a|gainst Scot|land. Herevpon all the Winter season he mustered his men, prepared his ordinance, rigged his ships, and left nothing vnprouided for such a iour|nie: so that in the beginning of the yeare, all things apperteining to the warre, and necessarie for his voi|age, were in a readinesse.1482 Anno Reg. 22. To be the cheefteine of his hoast, and lieutenant generall, Richard duke of Glo|cester was appointed by his brother king Edward;An armie sen [...] into Scot|land. and with him were adioined as associats, Henrie the fourth earle of Northumberland, Thomas lord Stanleie lord steward of the kings house, the lord Louell, the lord Greiestocke, and diuerse other no|ble men and worthie knights.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 These valiant capteins came to Alnewike in Nor|thumberland, about the beginning of Iulie, where they first incamped themselues, & marshalled their hoast. The fore-ward was led by the earle of Nor|thumberland, vnder whose standard were the lord Seroope of Bolton, sir Iohn Middleton, sir Iohn Dichfield, and diuerse other knights, esquiers, & soul|diers, to the number of six thousand and seauen hun|dred. In the midle-ward was the duke of Glocester, and with him the duke of Albanie, the lord Louell, the lord Greiestocke, sir Edward Wooduile, and o|ther, to the number of fiue thousand & eight hundred men. The lord Neuill was appointed to follow, ac|companied with three thousand. The lord Stanleie led the wing on the right hand of the dukes battell with foure thousand men of Lancashire & Cheshire. The lord Fitz Hugh, sir William a Parre, sir Iames Harrington, with the number of two thou|sand souldiers, guided the left wing. And beside all these, there were one thousand appointed to giue their attendance on the ordinance.

¶In this yeare Edmund Shaw goldsmith and ma|ior of London newlie builded Creplegate from the foundation, which gate in old time had bene a prison, Abr. Fl. ex I.S. pag. 749. Creplegate builded. wherevnto such citizens and other as were arrested for debt (or like trespasses) were committed, as they be now to the counters, as maie appeare by a writ of king Edward the second, in these words: Rex vic' London salutem. Records. Ex graui querela capti & detenti in prisona nostra de Creplegate, pro x li. quas coram Radulpho Sandwi|co, tunc custode ciuitatis nostrae London, & I. de Blackewell custode recognit. debitorum, &c. King Edward held his Christmas at Eltham, and kept his estate all the whole feast in his great chamber; and the quéene in hir chamber, where were dailie more than two thou|sand persons. The same yeare on Candlemas day, he with his quéene went on procession from saint Ste|phans chappell into Westminster hall, accompanied with the earle of Angus, the lord Greie, & sir Iames Liddall, ambassadors from Scotland. And at his pro|céeding out of his chamber he made sir Iohn Wood vnder-treasuror of England, & sir William Cates|bie one of the iustices of the õcmon plées, knights.]

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