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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Thus passed faire words and golden promises be|twéene these two princes: and in the meane time the yoong duchesse of Burgognie was spoiled of hir townes, castels & territories, till at length for main|tenance she condescended to marrie with Maximi|lian sonne to the emperour Frederike, that he might kéepe the woolfe from the fold. King Edward in the ninetéenth yeare of his reigne began (more than he was before accustomed) to serch the forfeiture of pe|nall lawes and statutes,1479 Anno Reg. 19. as well of the chéefe of his nobilitie as of other gentlemen, being proprietaries of great possessions, or abundantlie furnished with goods; likewise of merchants, and other inferior per|sons. By reason whereof, it was of all men iudged that he would proue he reafter a sore and a rigorous prince among his subiects. But this his new inuen|ted practise and couetous meaning (by reason of for|reine affaires and abridgement of his daies in this transitorie life, which were within two yeares after consumed) tooke some (but not great) effect.

Abr. Fl. ex I. S. pag. 747, 748. Pestilence.¶In this yeare was great mortalitie and death by the pestilence, not onelie in London, but in diuerse parts of the realme, which began in the latter end of September in the yeare last before passed, and conti|nued all this yeare till the beginning of Nouember, which was about fourtéene moneths: in the which space died innumerable of people in the said citie & else-where.Unaduised & vnséemelie de|meanor puni|shed with a fine. ¶This yeare also the maior of London being in Paules, knéeling in his deuotions at saint Erkenwalds shrine, Robert Bifield one of the shi|riffes vnaduisedlie kneeled downe nigh vnto the maior: whereof afterward the maior charged him to haue doone more than becomed him. But the shiriffe answering rudelie and stubbornlie, would not ac|knowledge to haue committed anie offense: for the which he was afterward by a court of aldermen fi|ned at fiftie pounds to be paid toward the reparati|ons of the conduits in London, which was trulie paid. ¶ This yeere Thomas Ilam one of the shirifs of London newlie builded the great conduit in Cheape,Co [...]dou a Cheape b [...]l|ded. of his owne charges. ¶This yeare also king Edward began his Christmasse at Waking, and at fiue daies end remooued to Greenewich, where he kept out the other part of his Christmasse with great roialtie.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Ambassadours were sent to and fro betwixt the king of England and France,1480 Anno Reg. [...] and still the French king fed the king of England with faire words, put|ting him in hope to match his sonne and heire the Dolphin with the ladie Elizabeth daughter to the king of England, according to the conclusions of a|gréement had and made at Picquenie betwixt them, although in verie déed he meant nothing lesse. His ambassadours euer made excuses if anie thing were amisse, and he vsed to send change of ambassadours; so that if those which had béene here before, and were returned, had said or promised anie thing (though they were authorised so to doo) which might turne to their masters hinderance, the other that came after, might excuse themselues by ignorance of that matter; af|firming that they wanted commission once to talke or meddle with that matter: or if he perceiued that anie thing was like to be concluded contrarie to his mind, for a shift he would call his ambassadours home in great hast, and after send an other with new instructions nothing depending on the old.

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