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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The councellors of the yoong duchesse of Burgog|gnie sent to K. Edward for aid against the French king.1478. Anno Reg. 18. About the same time had the queene of Eng|land sent to the ladie Margaret duchesse of Burgog|nie, for the preferrement of hir brother Anthonie erle Riuers to the yoong damsell. But the councell of Flanders, considering that he was but an earle of meane estate, and she the greatest inheritrice of all christendome at that time, gaue but deafe eare to so vnméet a request. To which desire, if the Flemings had but giuen a liking eare by outward semblance, and with gentle words delaied the sute, she had beene both succoured and defended. Whether king Edward was not contented with this refusall, or that he was loth to breake with the French king, he would in no wise consent to send an armie into Flanders against the French king: but yet he sent ambassadours to him with louing and gentle letters, requiring him to grow to some reasonable order & agréement with the yoong duchesse of Burgognie, or at the least to take a truce with hir at his request.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 EEBO page image 704The ambassadours of England were highlie re|ceiued, bountifullie feasted, and liberallie rewarded, but answer to their desire had they none; sauing that shortlie after, the French king would send ambassa|dours, hostages, and pledges to the king of England their maister, for the perfecting and concluding of all things depending betweene them two; so that their souereigne lord & they should haue cause to be contented and pleased. These faire words were one|lie delaies to driue time, vntill he might haue space to spoile the yoong damsell of hir townes and coun|tries. And beside this, to staie king Edward from taking part with hir, he wrote to him, that if he would ioine with him in aid, he should haue and in|ioie to him and his heires the whole countie & coun|trie of Flanders, discharged of homage, superioritie and resort, to be claimed by the French king, or his successors.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 He also wrote that he should haue the whole duchie of Brabant,Large offers made to the king of Eng|land by the French king. whereof the French king offered at his owne cost and charge to conquer foure of the chiefest and strongest townes within the said duchie, & them in quiet possession to deliuer to the king of Eng|land: granting further to paie him ten thousand an|gels toward his charges, with munitions of warre and artillerie, which he promised to lend him, with men and carriage for the conueiance of the same. The king of England refused to make anie warres against those countries that were thus offered to him: but if the French king would make him part|ner of his conquests in Picardie, rendering to him part of the townes alreadie gotten, as Bologne, Monsterell, and Abuile, then he would suerlie take his part, and aid him with men at his owne costs and charges.

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