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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this yéere Reginald Peacoke bishop of Chiche|ster, abiured at Paules crosse, all his bookes burnt, and he himselfe commanded to keepe his owne house during his naturall life: Anno Reg 36. 1458 The bishop abiured for moouing a|gainst the popes extor|tion. because that he (verie well learned, and better stomached) began to mooue que|stions, not priuilie but op [...]nlie, in the vniuersities, concerning the annates, Peter pence, and other iu|risdictions & authorities, which the pope vsurped; and not onelie put foorth such questions, but declared his mind and opinion in the same. Some saie he held that spirituall persons by Gods law ought to haue no temporall possessions, nor that personall tithes by Gods law were due [nor that christian men were to beléeue in the catholike church, W. P. nor in the communi|on of saints, but to beleeue that a catholike church and a communion of saints there is] and that he held how the vniuersall church might erre in matters of faith; and that it is not of necessitie to beléeue all that which is ordeined by generall councels, nor all that which they call the vniuersall church ought to be allowed and holden of all christian people.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, that it was méet to euerie man to vn|derstand the scriptures in the true and plaine sense, & none bound to glosses of anie other sense, vpon anie necessitie of saluation. Abr. Fl. ex I. S. pag. 682, 68 [...], 684, 685, 686. in Quart. ¶ But because I find a larger report héereof elsewhere, and as more methodicall, so also (as it seemeth) in such forme as it was Res gesta, a déed doone, it shall not be amisse to insert the same. This bishop was a secular doctor of diuinitie, that had labored manie yéeres to translate the holie scrip|ture into English, & was accused to haue passed the bounds of diuinitie and christian beléefe in certeine articles, of the which he was conuict before the archbi|shop of Canturburie, and other bishops and clearks, and after vtterlie abiured, reuoked, and renounced those articles openlie at Paules crosse in his mother toong on the fourth day of December, as followeth.

15.1. The forme of his abiuration.

The forme of his abiuration.

_IN the name of the trinitie, father, sonne, and holie-ghost, I Reinold Pecocke bi|shop of Chichester vnworthie, of mine owne power and will without anie ma|ner coaction or dread, confesse and knowledge that I here, before this time, presuming of my naturall wit, and preferring my iudgement and naturall rea|son before the new and the old testament, and the au|thoritie & determination of our mother holie church, haue held, written and taught otherwise than the ho|lie Romane and vniuersall church teacheth, preach|eth, or obserueth. And one is against the true catho|like and apostles faith, I haue written, taught, and published manie & diuerse perilous doctrines, books, works, and writings, conteining heresies and er|rors, contrarie to the faith catholike, and determina|tion of holie church: and speciallie these heresies and errours following, that is to saie in particular.

In primis, quòd non est de necessitate fidei credere, quòd do|minus noster Iesus Christus post mortem descendit ad infer [...]s.

Item, quòd non est de necessitate salutis credere in sancto|rum communionem.

Item, quòd ecclesi [...] vniuersalis potest errare in hijs qu [...] sunt fidei.

Item, quòd non est de necessitate salutis credere & tenere illud, quod consilium generale & vniuersalis ecclesia statuit, approbat, seu determinat, in fauorem fidei, & ad salutem ani|marum, est ab vniuersis Christi fidelibus approbandum & te|nendum.

Wherefore I miserable sinner, which here before long time haue walked in darkenesse, and now by the mercie and infinit goodnesse of God reduced into the right waie, and light of truth, and considering my selfe gréeuouslie haue sinned and wickedlie haue in|formed and infected the people of God, returne and come againe to the vnitie of our mother holie church, and all heresies and errors written and conteined in my said books, works and writings, here solemnelie and openlie reuoke & renounce. Which heresies and errors, and all other spices of heresies I haue before this time before the most reuerend father in God, and my good lord of Canturburie, in diuerse and lawfull forme iudiciallie abiured, submitting my selfe, being then and also now at this time verie contrite and pe|nitent sinner, to the correction of the church and of my said lord of Canturburie.

And ouer this, exhorting & requiring in the name & vertue of almightie God, in the saluation of your soules and mind, that no man hereafter giue faith and credence to my said pernicious doctrines, here|sies and errors; neither my said books kéepe, hold, or read in anie wise; but that they all such books, works, and writings suspect of heresies, deliuer in all good|lie hast vnto my said lord of Canturburie, or to his commissioners and deputies, in eschewing of manie inconueniences and great perils of soules, the which else might be cause of the contrarie. And ouer this declaration of my conuersion and repentance, I here openlie assent, that my said books, works, and writings, for declaration and cause aboue rehearsed, be deputed vnto the fire, and openlie burnt in exam|ple and terror of all other, &c.

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