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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Whilest the duke of Yorke was about thus to com|fort the king, the soldiers that had the victorie now in their hands, applied the spoile, namelie, the Northerne men, stripping not onelie those that had borne armor against them, but also the townsmen and other, with whom they might méet. So that it was thought, if the king had taken vp his lodging at his first comming thither, within the abbeie, as he did not (but in the middest of the towne, to prouide the better to resist his enimies) the abbeie had beene spoiled also. This was the end of the first battell at saint Albons,Battell of S. Albons on thursday the 23 of Maie. Anno Reg. 33. which was fought vpon the thursdaie next before the feast of Penthecost, being the thrée and twentith day of Maie, in this three and thirtith yeare of the kings reigne. The bodies of the noble men were buried in the monasterie in our ladies chappell,Foure of thẽ to wit, the duke of Sũ|merset, the earle of Nor|thumberland, and the lord Clifford, were buried in our ladie chapell. Whethamsted and the meane people in other places. This Edmund duke of Sum|merset left behind him thrée sonnes, Henrie, Ed|mund and Iohn, which to the extremitie of death tooke part with the line of king Henrie.

[There was this yeare a great fight & fraie vpon Clift heath, distant about two miles from Excester, betwéene Thomas Courtneie earle of Deuonshire, against William lord Bonuile of Shut, and sundrie men of both parts were slaine. Iohn Hooker, aliàs Vowell. But yet the lord Bon|uile preuailed & had the victorie, who foorthwith came to this citie, and the gates before being shut, were o|pened and he receiued; which thing so gréeued the earle, that he continuallie sought thencefoorth to be reuenged. But not long after in the quarell betwéen king Henrie the sixt, and king Edward the fourth, he ended his daies, and was beheaded at Yorke, and was the last of that line.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke of Yorke, hauing gotten the victorie, re|membred well, that he had published abroad how the onelie cause of this warre was, for the aduance|ment of the common-wealth, and therefore vsing all courtesie, would not touch the kings person after a|nie violent sort; but with all honour and due reue|rence conueied him to London, and so to Westmin|ster. To which place was summoned a parlement, which began the ninth daie of Iulie,A parlement. in the which ses|sion, the late duke of Glocester was openlie declared a true subiect, both to the king and to the realme. Be|side this, it was enacted, that no person should either iudge or report anie point of vntruth of the duke of Yorke, the earles of Salisburie and Warwike, or of anie knight, esquier, archer, or other, for comming in warlike araie against the king, at saint Albons; con|sidering their enterprise was onelie to sée the kings person in safegard.

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