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* This yeare was Thomas Bourchier bishop of Elie (sonne to the countesse of Stafford, Fr. Thin. Anno Reg. 32. 1454 and brother to Henrie Bourchier earle of Essex) remooued to the see of Canturburie; who in the yeare after the word became flesh and appeared in humane shape 1443, first obteined the sée of Elie (although once before he was by the king put backe from thence after his election of the couent therevnto, and confirmation of the pope) being translated from Worcester to the said sée of Elie, the twelfth daie of March in the said yeare 1443. This man (after that he had remained at Elie ten yeares, thrée and twentie wéekes, and fiue daies) was (as is before said) in this yeare 1454 remooued to Canturburie by Nicholas the fift then bishop of Rome. After this he was made chancellor, which office he obteined the seauenth of March, in the yeare 1455, being the thrée and thirtith yeare of king Henrie the sixts reigne. Lastlie he was aduanced to the dignitie of cardinall by pope Paule the second, in the yeare of our Lord 1465, of whome is made a more liberall discourse in a In a tretise hereafter fol|lowing.tretise of the liues of the chancellors of England: a place of no small authori|tie and reputation.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After the warres foulie ended in forren parties, ci|uill dissention began againe at home, diuided speci|allie into two factions. As K. Henrie descended of the house of Lancaster possessed the crowne from his grandfather king Henrie the fourth (first author of that title) so Richard duke of Yorke, as heire to Lio|nell duke of Clarence, third sonne to king Edward the third, inforced. By reason whereof, the nobles as well as the common people were into parts diui|ded, to the vtter destruction of manie a man, and to the great ruine and decaie of this region: for while the one partie sought to destroie the other, all care of the common-wealth was set aside, and iustice and e|quitie clearelie exiled.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The duke of Yorke (aboue all things) first sought means how to stir vp the malice of the people against the duke of Summerset,The duke of Yorke séeks the destructiõ of the duke of Summerset. imagining that he being made awaie, his purpose should the sooner take effect. He also practised to bring the king into the hatred of the people, as that he should not be a man apt to the gouernment of a realme, wanting both wit and sto|mach sufficient to supplie such a roome. Manie of the high estates, not liking the world, and disalowing the dooings both of the king and his councell, were faine inough of some alteration. Which thing the duke well vnderstanding,He banded himselfe with the Neuils. chiefelie sought the fauour of the two Neuils, both named Richard, one earle of Salisbu|rie, the other earle of Warwike, the first being the father, and the second the sonne.

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