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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare after Easter, the king called a parle|ment at Westminster, by aduise of the péeres; Anno Reg. 3. and comming to the parlement house himselfe, he was conueied through the citie vpon a great courser, with great triumph, the people flocking into the stréets to behold the child, whome they iudged to haue the liue|lie image and countenance of his father, and like to succeed him, and be his heire in all princelie quali|ties, martiall policies, and morall vertues, aswell as in his realmes, seigniories and dominions.A subsidie of tunnage and poundage. In this parlement was granted to the king a subsidie of twelue pence the pound, towards the maintenance of his warres, of all merchandize, comming in or go|ing out of the realme, as well of Englishmen as strangers.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 During which parlement,The prince of Portingale commeth to London. came to London Pe|ter duke of Quimbre, sonne to the king of Portin|gale, cousine germane remooued to the king; which of the duke of Excester and the bishop of Winche|ster his vncles was highlie feasted, he was also elec|ted into the order of the garter. During the same season, Edmund Mortimer, the last earle of March, EEBO page image 590 of that name (which long time had beene restreined from his libertie, and finallie waxed lame) deceassed without issue, whose inheritance descended to the lord Richard Plantagenet, sonne and heire to Ri|chard earle of Cambridge, beheaded (as before yée haue heard) at the towne of Southampton. ¶In the time of this parlement also was sir Iohn Mortimer cousine to the same earle, either for desert or malice, atteinted of treason, and put to execution, of whose death no small slander arose amongst the common people.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After all these things doone in England and in France, Humfreie duke of Glocester, who had mar|ried the ladie Iaquet, or Iaqueline of Bauier, coun|tesse of Heinault, Holland, and Zeland (notwith|standing she was coupled in marriage afore to Iohn duke of Brabant, as yet liuing, and had continued with him a long space) passed now the sea with the said ladie, and went to Mons or Bergen in Hei|nault, where the more part of the people of that coun|trie came and submitted themselues vnto him, as to their souereigne lord, in right of his said wife, the ladie Iaquet or Iaqueline: with which dooing hir for|mer husband was greatlie mooued. And likewise the duke of Burgognie, being great friend to the same duke of Brabant, was much offended: who of old fa|miliaritie wrote louinglie to the duke of Glocester, requiring him to reforme himselfe according to rea|son, and to forsake his vngodlie life, both in kéeping of an other mans wife, and also in séeking to vsurpe other mens rights and titles.

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