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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this, the earle of Salisburie besieged the faire towne of saint S [...]san, whereof was capteine one Ambrose de Lore, a right valiant cheefteine. The earle-caused the towne to be assaulted at his first comming to it; but he lost more than he gained, and therefore left off his assaults, and caused a trench to be cast about the towne, and so planted his batterie, by force whereof he ouerthrew the walles, in such sort that the capteine offered for himselfe and his soldi|ers 200000 crownes, so that they might depart in their doublets onelie, which summe (bicause winter approched) was accepted, and the towne yeelded. Of this towne sir Iohn Popham was made capteine. Then the erle went to Maine la Iuhez, which towne after fiue wéekes siege was yéelded, and appointed to the kéeping of sir Iohn Montgomerie, knight.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After the feast of the Purification of our ladie, the earle of Salisburie besieged the castell de la Fer [...] Barnard; during which siege a sale was made of the towne of Alanson being in the Englishmens posses|sion, by a Gascoigne that was one of the garrison there. But this sale being opened to the erle of Salis|burie by the same Gascoigne at the daie appointed, the lord Willoughbie and sir Iohn Fastolfe, with two thousand men were sent to incounter with the buiers of that towne; so that when Charles de Uilli|ers chéefe merchant of this ware, came earlie in a morning with two hundred horsemen, and three hun|dred footmen, and approached the towne, abiding for the Gascoigne, yer he was aware, the Englishmen had compassed him and his companie round about, and setting vpon the Frenchmen, slue and tooke all the whole number of them, saue Peter Danthenazie and fiue and twentie other, which by the swiftnesse of their horsses saued themselues.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this conflict, the lord Willoughbie returned to the earle of Salisburie, lieng still at siege before the towne de la Fert Barnard, which shortlie after was rendered vp into the erle of Salisburies hands, to whome the lord regent gaue it, to inioie to him and his heires for euer. Beside this, the said earle partlie by assalt, & partlie by composition tooke diuers other, as saint Kales; where he made capteine Richard Gethin esquier; Thanceaux Lermitage, where he made gouernour Matthew Or rather Goche. Gough; Guerland, of the which he assigned ruler Iohn Banaster; Mali|corne, whereof he made capteine William Glasdale esquier; Lisle Soubz Boulton, whereof was made capteine sir Lancelot Lisle knight; Loupelland, whereof was made capteine Henrie Branch; Mont|seur, of the which was made capteine sir William Oldhall knight; la Suze was assigned to the kée|ping of Iohn Suffolke, esquier. And besides this, a|boue fortie castels and piles were ouerthrowne and destroied. The newes hereof reported in England, caused great reioising among the people, not onelie for the conquest of so manie townes & fortresses, but also for that it had pleased God to giue them victorie in a pitched field: whereof generall processions were appointed,Generall pro|cessions after victorie. to render vnto God humble thanks for his fauour so bestowed vpon them.

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