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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 In this yeare fell great abundance of raine in the time of haie haruest,A rainie haruest. Caxton. so that much corne and haie was lost. ¶ There was also such fighting amongst spar|rowes in that season, that they were found dead on the ground in great numbers. Also, there followed great mortalitie of people,Death. the sicknesse being so sharpe and vehement, that manie being in perfect health ouer night when they went to bed, were found dead in the morning. Also, manie died of the small pocks, both men, women, and children. ¶ Moreouer this yeare, Simon Is [...]ep archbishop of Canturbu|rie departed this life, and Simon Langham bishop of Elie succeeded in his place.K. Richard the second borne. This yeare at Burde|aux, was borne the second sonne of prince Edward named Richard, on the third daie of Aprill; his god|father at the fontstone was Iames K. of Maiorke. ¶ Peter the king of Spaine, who (as yee haue heard) was expelled out of his realme by his bastard bro|ther, made such earnest sute to the prince of Wales for aid to be restored home, that finallie the prince ad|uertising his father king Edward of the whole mat|ter, by aduise from him, determined to bring home the said king Peter, Froissard. and to restore him againe to his kingdome, by force of armes, in despite of all his aduersaries.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The prince indéed was verie desirous to take this enterprise vpon him, both of a certeine pitifull affec|tion EEBO page image 398 to relieue the miserable state of king Peter, and also of an ardent desire which he had to purchase a glorious fame thorough martiall deeds, and noble acts of chiualrie. Therfore hauing this occasion to im|ploie his time in such exercises, and now comman|ded thereto of his father, he was excéedinglie glad in his mind, and with all spéed that might be, made his prouision both of a sufficient armie of men of warre, and also of all other things necessarie for the furni|ture of such an enterprise: but first, he tooke good as|surance of king Peter, for the paiment of the soldi|ers wages: so the king left at Baionne thrée of his daughters, Beatrice, Constance, and Isabell as pledges, for performance of all the couenants agreed betwixt him and the prince.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 1367 Anno Reg. 41.Thus when the prince, by the aduise and coun|sell of sir Iohn Chandois, and sir Robert Knols (by whome he was much ruled) had taken direction in his businesse, for that his iournie into Spaine, in each condition as was thought behoouefull, he with the king of Spaine in his companie,The prince setteth for|ward to|wards Spaine. passed foorth with a puissant armie, and came to the streicts of Ronceualle, at the entrie into Nauarre, and obtei|ning so much fréendship of the king of Nauarre, as to haue the passages of his countrie opened, they en|tered into his realme through the same,He entreth in|to Naua [...]re. as freends, without finding any resistance. In this meane time, Henrie king of Spaine, hauing knowledge that the prince of Wales was thus comming against him, to restore his brother king Peter to his former de|grée, by aduise of sir Berthram de Cleaquin, got a great number of soldiers out of France, by whose aid he might the better defend himselfe against his e|nimies.

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