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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Shortlie after, there were sent vnto the earle of Montford,Ambassadors sent to ye earle of Montford. the archbishop of Reimes, the marshall Bouciquault, and the lord of Cran, as commissio|ners, to commune with him of a finall agréement. Wherevpon,The variance for Britaine compounded. after he had signified the matter vnto the king of England, and vnderstood his pleasure therein, this treatie was so handled, that peace ther|of followed, Fabian. and the parties were agreed in the mo|neth of Aprill next insuing. ¶ This yeare (as some haue written) king Edward finished his warres vp|on S. Stephans daie, Anno Reg. 39. Fabian. and began the foundation of S. Stephans chappell at Westminster in memorie thereof, which chappell was afterwards finished by king Richard the second that succeeded him. Tho. Wals. ¶ In the nine and thirtith yéere of king Edwards reigne, and in the moneth of Februarie, in the citie of Angoles|me, was borne the first sonne of prince Edward, and was named after his father, but he departed this life the seuenth yeare of his age.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Also this yeare, the seuen and twentith of Iulie, Ingeram de Guines lord de Coucie a Frenchman,The lord Coucie mari|eth the king of Englands daughter. Polychron. married the ladie Isabell daughter to K. Edward. The solemnization of the marriage feast was kept at Windsor in most roiall and triumphant wise. The said lord Coucie was created earle of Bedford, with an yeerelie annuitie of thirtie markes, going foorth of the issues and profits of that countie, ouer and be|side a thousand marks by yeare, Froissard. Ia. Mair. A treatie of mariage for the earle of Cambridge. assigned to him and his said wife, and to the heires male of their bodies begotten, to be paid forth of the exchecker. About this time, there was a treatie also for marriage to be had, betwixt the lord Edmund earle of Cambridge, and the ladie Margaret, daughter and heire to the earle of Flanders which treatie went so far, that the earle came ouer to Douer, where the king was readie to receiue him, and there the earle promised by words of affiance,The earle of Flanders. to giue his said daughter vnto the said lord Edmund in marriage: and after that the earle had beene at Douer, the space of thrée daies, passing the time in great solace and banketting, when he had finished his businesse, he returned backe againe into his countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Whilest the king was thus at Douer with the earle of Flanders,The lord La|timer. the lord Latimer came from the lord Iohn de Montford, to vnderstand his pleasure, touching the offers that were made for peace, vpon whose returne with answer, the peace was conclu|ded as before yee haue heard. This yeare was Peter king of Castile chased out of his realme,The king of Castile chased out of his realme. Froissard. by his ba|stard brother Henrie, which was aided in that enter|prise by sir Berthram de Cleaquin latelie deliuered, and other Frenchmen; so that the said Henrie was crowned at Burgus, vpon Easter daie: wherefore the said Peter was constreined to flee, and so came to Burdeaux to sue for aid at the hands of the prince of Wales. This yeare by the kings commandement,Peter pence. a restraint was ordeined, that Peter pence should not be from thencefoorth anie more gathered within this realme, nor anie such paiment made at Rome, which had béene vsed to be paid there, euer since the daies of Ine, king of Westsaxons, which ordeined this pai|ment toward the maintenance of a schoole for Eng|lish scholers.Ine king of Westsaxons. But howsoeuer this paiment was abro|gated at this time by king Edward, it was after re|newed againe, and the monie gathered in certeine shires of this realme, till the daies of king Henrie the eight, so greatlie preuailed the vsurped power of that beast of Rome, which had poisoned the princes of the world with the dregs of his abhomination, whose glorie shall end in shame, his honor turne to horror, and his ambitious climing vp aloft aboue all princi|palitie (to be compeere with God) shall haue an irre|couerable ruine; as long agone, and of late like|wise hath beene and now is prophesied of him, that he may readilie read his owne downefall into hell:

In rapidas acherontis aquas, qui gloria mundi
Papafuit, lapsu corruet ille graui:
Corruet vt rapidum descendit ab aethere fulmen,
Corruet in stygios tempus in omne lacus.

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