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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Great discord rose also about this time, or rather afore,Discord be|twixt priests and friers. betwixt the cleargie, and the foure orders of friers, as in the booke of acts & monuments set foorth by master Iohn Fox ye may read more at large. In this yeare Iohn of Gant earle of Richmond, Th. Walsing. Iohn of Gant married. sonne to the king, the ninetéenth day of Maie married the ladie Blanch daughter to Henrie duke of Lanca|ster at Reading;1359 Anno Reg. 33. and bicause they were cousins with|in the degrées of consanguinitie, forbidden by the church lawes to marrie, a dispensation was procured of the pope to remoue that obstacle and let. In this yeare the king set workemen in hand to take downe much old bildings belonging to the castell of Wind|sore,Windsore ca|stell repared. Additions to Triuet. and caused diuerse other faire and sumptuous works to be erected and set vp, in and about the same castell, so that almost all the masons and carpenters that were of any accompt within this land, were sent for and imploied about the same works, the ouerseer whereof was William Wickham the kings chap|l [...]in, by whose aduise the king tooke in hand to repare that place, the rather in déed bicause he was borne there, and therefore he tooke great pleasure to bestow cost in beautifieng it with such buildings, as may ap|peare euen vnto this daie. Moreouer, this yeare in the Rogation wéeke was solemne iusts enterprised at London,A solemne iusts at London. for the maior and his foure and twentie brethren as challengers did appoint to answer all commers, in whose name and stéed the king with his foure sonnes, Caxton. The K. with his foure sons are of the chalengers part. Edward, Lionell, Iohn, and Edmund, and ninetéene other great lords, in secret manner came and held the field with honor, to the great plea|sure of the citizens that beheld the same. ¶ Ye haue heard how the Frenchmen refused the peace, which was accorded betwixt K. Edward & their king, as then prisoner here in England. Wherupõ K. Edward determined to make such warre against the realme of France, that the Frenchmen with all their harts should be glad to condescend and agrée to reason: and first he commanded all manner of Frenchmen (other than such as were prisoners) to auoid out of Eng|land. He also appointed the French king to be re|moued from the castell of Hertford,The French K. remoued. He departed frõ Hertford the 29 of Iulie. Polydor. where he then re|mained, vnto the castell of Somerton in Lincolne|shire, vnder the gard and conduct of the lord Willi|am Deincourt, being allowed fourtie shillings the day for the wages of two and twentie men at armes, twentie archers, & two watchmen: as thus, for him|selfe and sir Iohn Kirketon baronets, either of them foure shillings the daie; for thrée knights, sir Willi|am Colleuill (in place of the lord Robert Colleuill, that could not trauell himselfe by reason of sicknesse) sir Iohn Deincourt, and sir Saer de Rochfort, ech of them two shillings the daie; seuentéene esquiers ech of them twelue pence the day, eight archers on horsse backe euerie of them six pence the day, and twelue archers on foot three pence, and the two watchmen ei|ther of them six pence the day, which amounteth in the whole vnto nine and thirtie shillings the day; and the od twelue pence was allowed to the said lord Dein|court to make vp the summe of 40 shillings. ¶ This haue I noted the rather, to giue a light to the reader to consider how chargeable the reteining of men of war in these daies is, in respect of the former times. But now to our purpose.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king meaning to passe ouer himselfe in per|son into France,The king prepareth to make a iour|nie into France. Froissard. The duke of Lancaster. caused a mightie armie to be mu|stered and put in a readinesse, and sent before him the duke of Lancaster ouer to Calis with foure hun|dred speares, and two thousand archers, where the said duke ioined with such strangers as were alrea|die come to Calis in great numbers, and togither with them entered into the French dominions, and passing by saint Omers & Bethune, came to Mount saint Eloie, a goodlie abbeie and a rich, two leagues distant from Arras, and there the host tarried foure daies, and when they had robbed and wasted all the countrie thereabout, they rode to Braie,Braie as|saulted. and there made a great assault, at the which a baronet of Eng|land was slaine with diuerse other. When the Eng|lishmen saw they could win nothing there, they de|parted, and following the water of Some, came to a towne called Chersie, where they passed the riuer, and there tarried Alhallowen daie, & the night following.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 On the same daie the duke of Lancaster was ad|uertised,The kings arriuall at Calis. that the king was arriued at Calis the se|uentéenth daie of October, commanding him by let|ters to draw towards him with all his companie. The duke according to the kings commandement o|beied, and so returned toward Calis. Froissard. The king being there arriued with all his power, tooke counsell which way he should take. Some aduised him first to in|uade Flanders, and to reuenge the iniurious dealing of the earle and the Flemings: Polydor. but he would not a|grée to that motion, for he purposed fullie either by plaine force to make a conquest of France, or else vt|terlie to destroie and wast the countrie throughout with fier and sword. Herevpon he set forwards the fourth of Nouember, and passing through the coun|tries of Arthois, and Uermendois, he came before the citie of Reimes. There went ouer with him in this iournie, & with the duke of Lancaster, his foure sonnes, Edward prince of Wales, Froissard. Lionell earle of Ulster, Iohn earle of Richmond, and the lord Ed|mund his yoongest sonne. Also there was Henrie the said duke of Lancaster, with the earles of March, Warwike, Suffolke, Hereford (who also was earle of Northampton) Salisburie, Stafford, and Oxford, the bishops of Lincolne, and Durham, and the lords Percie, Neuill, Spenser, Kirdiston, Rosse, Mannie, Cobham, Mowbray, de la Ware, Willoughbie, Fel|ton, Basset, Fitz Water, Charleton, Audelie, Bur|wasch, and others, beside knights and esquiers, as sir Iohn Chandois, sir Stephan Goussanton, sir Nowell Loring, sir Hugh Hastings, sir Iohn Lisle, sir Ri|chard Pembruge, and others.

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