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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this two and thirtith yeare,1358 Anno Reg. 3 [...]. as witnesseth the French chronicles, sir Robert Knolles, Iames Pipe, and one Thomlin Foulke, with other capiteins and men of warre as souldiours to the king of Nauarre vpon the tenth day of March earlie in the morning scaled the walles of the citie of Auxerre, Annales de France. and beha|ued them so manfullie, that they were maisters of the towne before the sunne was vp. They got excee|ding much by the spoile of that citie, and by ransom|ing the prisoners which they tooke there.The citie of Auxerre takẽ by sir Robert Knolles. At length af|ter they had remained eight daies in that citie, and taken their pleasures of all things within it, they wrought so with the citizens, that to haue possession of their citie againe, and to haue it saued from fire, they agréed to giue to sir Robert Knolles, and to his companie, fiftie thousand motons of gold, which a|mounted to the summe of twelue thousand and fiue hundred pounds sterling or there about; and yet was it agreed, that the Englishmen should burne the gates, and throw downe the walles in diuers places. In Aprill next insuing, the towne of Daubignie sir le Metre was likewise woone by the Englishmen; and the second daie of Maie Chastelon sir Loigne was taken by the said sir Robert Knolles,Daubignie sir le Metre. Chastelon. New castell vpon Loire. and put to sacke as the other were. From thence they went to Newcastell vpon Loire. Thus did the English|men and other, in title of the K. of Nauarre, greatlie indamage the realme of France, dailie winning townes and castels, ransoming the people, and wast|ing the countries in most miserable wise, as in the historie of France you may read more at large.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this meane while there was talke of peace be|twixt the king of England, and the king of France,Talke of a peace, and ar|ticles thereof drawne. Caxton. and articles thereof drawne in this forme, that the whole countries of Gascoine, Guien, Poictou, Tou|raine, Xainctonge, Piergourd, Quercie, Limosin, Angolisinois, Calis, Guines, Bullogne, and Pon|thieu, should remaine to the king of England wholie without dooing homage or paieng anie reléefe for the same: but on the other part, he should renounce all his right, which he might by anie manner of meane claime to the countries of Normandie, Aniou, or Maine. And further, that the French king should paie a certeine summe of monie for his ransome, and deliuer sufficient pledges for the same, and so depart into France. These articles were sent ouer into France, that the thrée states there might confirme them, which they refused to doo. Wherevpon when the truce ended, the warres were againe reuiued. ¶The king held this yéere the feast of S. George at Wind|sor, in more sumptuous manner than euer it had béene kept before.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the same yeare also, Thom. Wals. frier Iohn Lisle bishop of EEBO page image 392 Elie,The bishop of Elie. being (as he tooke it) somewhat wronged by the ladie Blanch de Wake, and other that were of hir counsell, when the last yeare against the kings will vnto the popes court, where exhibiting his com|plaint, he caused the pope to excommunicate all his aduersaries, sending to the bishop of Lincolne and o|ther of the cleargie, that if they knew any of them so excommunicated to be dead and buried, they should draw them out of their graues:Excommuni|cation. which was doone. And bicause some of those that were excommunica|ted were of the kings councell, the king tooke such displeasure therewith, that he gréeuouslie disquieted the prelats. Wherevpon there were sent from the court of Rome on the behalfe of the bishop of Elie, certeine persons, which being armed, met the bishop of Rochester lord treasuror, deliuering to him letters from the pope, the contents of the which were not knowen, and foorthwith they shranke awaie: but the kings seruants made such pursute after them, that some of them they tooke,Such as de|liuered the popes letters hanged. and bringing them before the kings iustices, vpon their arreignement they were condemned, and suffered death on the gallowes.

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