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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 About the end of August the death in London ceas|sed, Anno Reg. 24. The death ceasseth. Auesdurie. which had bin so great & vehement within that ci|itie, that ouer & beside the bodies buried in other ac|customed burieng places (which for their infinit num|ber cannot be reduced into account) there were bu|ried that yeare dailie, from Candlemasse till Easter, in the Charterhouse yard of London, more than two hundred dead corpses. Also this yeare, by the earnest sute of the two cardinals which were sent (as ye haue heard) from pope Clement the sixt, a peace was con|cluded for one yeare. There met néere vnto Calis for the treatie of this peace, the foresaid two cardinals,Commissio|ners méet to talke of peace. as mediators; and for the king of England, the bi|shop of Norwich treasuror and high chancellor of the realme, with others came thither as commissioners; and in like maner for the French king, there appea|red the bishop of Lion, and the abbat of S. Denise. ¶ This yeare in August died Philip de Ualois the French king. Here is to be noted,Men borne with [...]ewer téeth than in times past. Caxton. Tho. Walsin. Polychron. that all those that were borne, after the beginning of that great mor|talitie whereof ye haue heard, wanted foure cheeke teeth (when they came to the time of growth) of those 32 which the people before that time commonlie v|sed to haue, so that they had but 28. In this 24 yeare of this kings reigne,A combat. there was a combat fought in lists within the kings palace of Westminster, be|twixt the lord Iohn, bastard sonne to Philip king of France, & a knight of the towne of Ypres in Flan|ders; but the bastard had the vpper hand, and vanqui|shed his a [...]uersarie. ¶ About the feast of the decol|lation of saint Iohn Baptist, Auesburie. Thom. Wals. king Edward aduerti|sed of a fléet of Spaniards returning foorth of Flan|ders, that was laden with clothes and other riches, assembled a conuenient power of men of armes and archers, & at Sandwich tooke the sea with them,

A Spanish fléet.

Spaniards vanquisht by the K. of En|gland by sea.

sai|ling foorth, till vpon the coast of Winchelsie he met with the Spaniards, and there assailed them; so that betwixt him and those Spaniards, there was a sore fight, and long continued, to the great losse of people on both parts; but in the end, the bright beame of vic|torie shone vpon the English sailes, so that all the Spaniards were slaine, for they were so proud and obstinat (as Walsingham affirmeth) that they would not yéeld, but rather choose to die, & so they did indéed, EEBO page image 380 either on the Englishmens weapons points, or else were they drowned there in the sea, Thom. Wals. six and twentie of their ships were taken, in the which was found great store of good ware and riches. Auesburie. And so the king thought himselfe well reuenged of the Spaniards, which in the last yeare about Alhallontide, had entred into the riuer of Garons, as it runneth vp towards Burdeaux, and there finding manie ships fraught with wines, slue all the Englishmen they found a|boord, and tooke awaie the ships with them: which in|iurie mooued the king to enterprise this exploit now at this time against them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Froissard. Sir Thomas Dagworth slaine.About the beginning of August, sir Raoull de Cahors, and diuerse other knights and esquiers, to the number of six score men of armes, fought before a castell called Auleon, with sir Thomas Dagworth, and there slue the same sir Thomas, and to the num|ber of one hundred men of armes with him. There were sent solemne messengers this yeare vn|to Auignion,Ambassadors sent to the pope. for the establishing of a peace, mentio|ned betwixt the king of England and France, at the sute of the pope, so that king Edward should haue re|signed his title and claime to the crowne of France, and the French king should haue giuen ouer vnto him the whole duchie of Guien, to hold the same free|lie, without knowledging of resort or superioritie, or dooing any manner of homage for the same: but such delaies were made, and the sute so prolonged by the pope, that the erale of Derbie, who with others was sent to him about this matter, returned without spéed of his purpose for the which he went.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg 25. 1351In the fiue and twentith yeare of king Edwards reigne, the Frenchmen hauing laid siege vnto the towne of saint Iohn Dangeli, the lord Dalbrets son, hauing assembled six hundred men of armes, Gas|coigns and Englishmen, meant to worke some feat for reliefe of them within, whervpon, as he was mar|ching through the countrie of Xainctonge neere vnto Xaincts the eighth of Aprill, Froissard. or (as other haue) the first, he was incountered by the lord Guie de Néell, one of the marshals of France, & other French lords, where at length, the Frenchmen were discomfited, manie also slaine, and diuerse taken prisoners, of which number was the said marshall, with his brother the lord William, and sir Arnold de Dandrehen, beside others, to the number of 300 men of armes, but yet the siege remained, till for want of vittels the towne was rendered to the Frenchmen.

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