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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The Scots this yeare tooke the castell of Bothuile by surrender, so as the Englishmen that were with|in it, departed with their liues and goods saued. Di|uerse other castels and fortresses were taken by the Scots in Fife, and in other parts, but the countrie of Galloway was by them speciallie sore afflicted, bi|cause the people there held with their lord Edward Balioll. Herevpon it was agreed in this last parle|ment, that the earle of Warwike being appointed to go thither, should haue with him the power beyond Trent northwards. But when about the Ascension tide the Scots had besieged the castell of Striueling, the king of England in person hasted thitherwards, of whose approach the Scots no sooner vnderstood, but that streightwaies they brake vp their siege, and de|parted thence: the king therefore returned backe in|to the south parts.Sir Eustace Maxwell. About the same time sir Eustace de Maxwell knight, lord of Carlauerocke, reuolted from Edward Balioll vnto Dauid le Bruse his side, and so that part dailie increased, and also the warre continued, with damage inough vnto both parts.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the beginning of September the earle of Warwike with an armie entred Scotland by Ber|wike, and the lord Thomas de Wake,The earle of Warwike inuadeth Scotland. and the lord Clifford, with the bishop of Carleill accompanied with the Westmerland and Cumberland men, en|tred by Carleill, and within two daies after met with the earle of Warwike, as before it was appointed, and so ioining togither, they passed forwards, spoi|ling and wasting Teuidale, Mofeteidale, and Nides|dale. The lord Anthonie Lucie with a part of the ar|mie entred into Galloway, and after he had wasted that countrie, he returned to the armie, which by rea|son of the exceeding great weat that fell in that sea|son, they could not kéepe on their iournie into Dou|glasdale, and to Aire, as they had appointed: but ha|uing remained in Scotland twelue daies, they re|turned altogither vnto Carleill. Edward Balioll was not with them in this iournie, but remained still in England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The Scots in reuenge hereof made diuerse rodes into England, withdrawing still with their prey and booties, before the English power could assemble to giue them battell. About Alhallontide, the Scots be|sieged the castell of Edenburgh,The castell of Edenburgh besieged. but the bishop of Carleill, the lord Randoll Dacres of Gillesland, with the power of the counties of Cumberland and of Westmerland, and the king of Scots Edward Ba|lioll, with the lord Anthonie Lucie, and such compa|nie as they brought from Berwike, meeting at Roc|kesburgh, marched foorth vnto Edenburgh,The siege is raised. and cha|sing the Scots from the siege, tooke order for the safe keeping of the castell from thencefoorth, and returned into England. In this meane time things happened so well to the purpose of king Edward,The K. prac|tiseth with ye Flemings. that by prac|tise he alienated the hearts of the Flemings from the obedience of their earle, being altogither an ear|nest fréend to the French king. He therefore vnder|standing the minds of his people, sought to winne them by some gentle treatie, and so did euen at the first, concluding an agréement with them of Gaunt, which were fullie at a point to haue entred into league with the king of England, as with him whose fréendship by reason of the traffike of merchandize, (and namelie of the English wools) they knew to be more necessarie for their countrie than the French kings.

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