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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare was the warre proclamed betwixt England and France, cheefelie by the procurement of the lord Robert Dartois, a Frenchman, as then banished out of France, vpon occasion of a claime by him made vnto the earldome of Artois. This lord Robert after he was banished France, fled ouer vn|to king Edward, who gladlie receiued him and made him earle of Richmond. ¶ All the goods of the Italians were by the kings commandement this yeare confiscate to his vse, and so likewise were the goods of the moonks of the Cluniake and Cisterce|aur orders. ¶ This yeare also a comet or blasing|starre appeared, with long and terrible streames pas|sing from it. In the eleauenth yeare of his reigne, the king held a parlement at Westminster,1338 Anno Reg. 11. about the time of Lent, during the which, of the earledome of Cornewall he made a duchie, Thom. Wals. Ran. Higd. Polydor. Fabian. and gaue it vnto his eldest sonne Edward, that was then earle of Che|ster, whom also (as some write) he created at the same time prince of Wales.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer in reward of seruice, there were six no|ble men at this parlement aduanced to the honour and title of earles, as the lord Henrie sonne to the earle of Lancaster was created earle of Derbie,Creations of noble men. or after some writers, earle of Leicester; William Bo|hun was created earle of Northampton, William Montacute earle of Salisburie, Hugh Audeley earle of Glocester, William Clinton earle of Hun|tingdon,Additions to Hen. Marle. Croxden. and Robert Ufford earle of Suffolke. This creation was on the second sundaie in Lent, and the same day were twentie knights made, whose names for breefenesse we doo here omit.An act of ar|raie, against sumptuous apparell. In this parlement it was enacted, that no man should weare any man|ner of silke in gowne, cote, or doublet; except he might dispend of good and sufficient rent an hundred pounds by yeare, which act was not long obserued. For the nature of man is such, that of it owne cor|rupt & euill inclination, it withstandeth good things, and chooseth rather to follow whatsoeuer is forbidden yea though the same be starke naught and offensiue to law and conscience: which preposterous and o|uerthwart disposition the poet noteth well, saieng,

— aliéd cupido
Mens aliud suadet: video meliora, probó,
Deteriora sequor.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 It was also ordeined by the aduise of this parle|ment, that Henrie of Lancaster newlie created erle of Derbie should go ouer into Gascoine, there to re|maine as the kings lieutenant. But Richard South|well saith, that the earle of Salisburie, and not the earle of Derbie was appointed to go into Gascoine at that time, and the earle of Warwike into Scot|land.An act for re|strain [...] of trãs|porting ouer wools. Adam Meri| [...]uth. Moreouer in this parlement it was enacted that no wooll of the English growth should go foorth of the land, but be here wrought and made in cloath: and further an act was ordeined for receiuing of stran|gers that were clothworkers, and order taken, that fit and conuenient places should be assigned foorth to them where to inhabit, with manie priuileges and liberties, and that they should haue wages and sti|pends allowed them, till they were so setled as they might gaine commodiouslie by their occupation and science: but now to returne againe to other matters. Rich. South. The castell of Bothuile taken.

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