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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this season, to wit, in the yeare 1319, a great murreine and death of cattell chanced through the whole realme, spreading from place to place, Murren of cattell. but spe|ciallie this yeare it reigned most in the north, where as in the yeares before it began in the south parts. The king desirous to be reuenged of the Scots, Anno Reg. 1 [...]. made preparation to leuie a mightie armie; and for want of sufficient numbers of men in other places to|wards the north parts, the king caused much people to come vnto him out of the south and east parts of the realme, amongst the which the citie of London was constreined to find at their costs and charges two hundred men, sending them to Yorke, where the generall assemblie of the armie was made. From thence, after he had receiued his men from sundrie countries and good townes of his realme, he went to Berwike, & laid siege to the towne.The king go|eth to Ber|wike. In which meane time the Scots being assembled, came to the bor|ders, passed by the English host, and entring into England, came in secreet wise downe into the mar| [...]hes of Yorkeshire, and there slue the people,The Scots come into t [...] parts of Yorke. and rob|bed them in most cruell wise.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherefore the archbishop of Yorke, meaning in time of such necessitie to doo his indeuour in defense of his countrie, assembled such power as he could get togither, of clearkes, moonks, canons, and other spi|rituall men of the church, with husbandmen and such other vnapt people for the warres: and thus with a great number of men, and see to warlike or discréet chéefeteins, he togither with the bishop of Elie, as then lord chancellour, came foorth against the Scots, Auesburie. and incountred with them at a place called Mitton vpon Suale, the twelfth day of October. Here as the Englishmen passed ouer the water of Suale, the Scots set fire vpon certeine stacks of haie, The disco [...]ture of Mit|ton vpon Suale. Caxton. the smoke whereof was so huge, that the Englishmen might not see where the Scots laie. And when the Englishmen were once got ouer the water, the Scots came vpon them with a wing in a good order of battell, in fashion like to a sheeld, egerlie assailing thier enimies, who for lacke of good gouernement were easilie beaten downe and discomfited, without shewing any great resistance: so that there were slaine to the number EEBO page image 324 [...] EEBO page image 325 number of two thousand and the residue shamefullie put to flight. Polydor.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The archbishop, Auesburie. the lord chancellor, and the abbat of Selbie, with helpe of their swift horsses escaped, and diuerse other. The maior of Yorke named Ni|cholas Fleming was slaine, & sir William Diremin preest taken prisoner. Manie were drowned, by rea|son that the Scots had gotten betwixt the English|men and the bridge, Caxton. so that the Englishmen fled be|twixt that wing of the Scots and their maine bat|tell, which had compassed the Englishmen about on the one side, as the wing did vpon the other. And bi|cause so manie spirituall men died in this battell, it was after named of manie writers The white bat|tell. The king of England informed of this ouer|throw giuen by the Scots to the Northerne men, he brake vp his siege incontinentlie, and returned to Yorke.

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