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Anno Reg. 12. Additions to Triuet.

The king & the earle of Lancaster made fréends.

In the 12 yeare of Edward the seconds reigne, in August, the king and the earle of Lancaster came to talke togither in a plaine beside Leicester, where they were made freends to the outward shew, so that in the yeare next following, the said earle went with the king to the siege of Berwike. About the feast of the Natiuitie of our ladie, the two cardinals, which were yet remaining in England, sent foorth com|mandements vnto all the prelats and priests with|in the realme, that thrée times in euerie solemne masse,Rob. Bruce pronounced accursed. they should denounce Robert Bruce that cal|led himselfe king of Scotland accursed, with all his councellors and fautors, and on the behalfe of the pope, they depriued him by denunciation of all ho|nour, and put all his lands vnder interdiction, dis|abling all their children [to the second degrée] that held with him, as vnworthie & vnfit to receiue or take vpon them any ecclesiasticall function. They de|nounced also all the prelats of Scotland and men of religion, exempt, and not exempt, excommunicate and accursed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Hen. Marl. The lord Roger Mortimer returned againe into England, and Alexander Bicnor was made cheefe iu|stice of Ireland. ¶ Also Edward Bruce, with sir Walter and sir Hugh La [...]ie, bringing with them a great armie, returned out of Scotland; and arriued at Dundalke, on the day of saint Calix [...] the pope. But neere to the same place sir Iohn Belmingham, Th. Walsing. Continuation of Triuet. Richard Tute, and Miles of Ue [...]don, with a power of 1 [...]24 men incountred them, and slue the said Ed|ward le Bruce, and aboue the number of 8200 men, or (as other haue) but 5800. The said sir Iohn Bir|mingham brought the head of Edward le Bruce ouer into England, and presented it to the king. Wherevpon the king in recompense of his seruice, gaue vnto him the earledome of Louth, to hold to him and his heires males, and the baronie of Athird to him and his heires generall.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 About this season, or somewhat before, about Mid|summer (as Southwell saith) a naughtie fellow called Iohn Poidras, or (as some books haue) Ponderham, a tanners son of Excester commmig to Oxford, and there thrusting himselfe into the kings hall that stood without the wals, gaue foorth that he was sonne and right heire of king Edward the first, and that by means of a false nursse he was stolne out of his cra|dle, and this Edward the second being a carters son was brought in and laid in his place, so that he by reason thereof was afterwards hardlie fostered and brought vp in the north part of Wales. At length be|ing laid for, he fled to the church of the white friers in Oxford, trusting there to be safe through the immuni|tie of the place, bicause king Edward the first was their founder. But when he could not keepe his toong, but still fondlie vttered his follie, and stood in his opi|nion, so that great rumor thereof was raised, he was at length taken out of that church, & caried to North|hampton, where he was there arreigned, condem|ned, and had foorth to a place in the countrie called the copped oke, where he was drawne, hanged, and as a traitour bowelled. At the houre of his death he con|fessed, that in his house he had a spirit in likenesse of a cat, which amongst other things assured him that he should be king of England.

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