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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the octaues of S. Hilarie, Anno. Reg. 35. 1307 the king held a par|lement at Carleill, in the which, by the peeres of the realme, great complaint was made of the oppressi|ons doone to churches, abbeies, and monasteries,A parlement at Carleill. by reason of paiments latelie raised and taxed by one maister William or Guilelmo Testa the [...]pes cha|pleine.William Te|sta the popes chapleine inhibited to leuie monie. Commandement therefore was giuen to the same chapleine, that from thencefoorth he should not leauie anie such paiments; and for further remedie, messengers were made foorth vnto the pope, to de|clare vnto him the inconuenience thereof. This Te|sta was sent from pope Clement into England with bulles, in the contents whereof it appeared, Abington. that the pope had reserued to himselfe the first fruits of one yeares reuenues of euerie benefice that fell void by anie manner of meanes within the realme of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, and like|wise of all abbeies, priories, and monasteries; so that it may well be said of him & his retinue, according to the processe of all their actions, as it was said of old,

Curia Romana non quaerit ouem sine lana.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But the king and lords of the land thought it a|gainst reason, that the pope should take and receiue the profits of those abbeies and monasteries, which had beene founded by their predecessors for the ser|uice of God, and the maintenance of almesdeeds, and good hospitalitie to be kept: and so the pope chan|ged his purpose, touching abbeies, but granting to the K. the tenth of the English churches for two yéers, he obteined the first fruits of the same churches for himselfe, as before he required.

A statute a|gainst the re|ligious per|sons.

N. Triuet.

In the same parle|ment were statutes made concerning religious men, which had their head and chéefest houses in for|ren regions.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 There came also at the same time,Petrus His|panus a car|dinall sent frõ the pope. a cardinall from the pope, named Petrus Hispanus, to procure the consummation of the mariage, betwixt the prince of Wales, and the French kings daughter; for the same was delaied, by reason that all couenants were not kept on the French kings behalfe, touching the deliuerie of the townes in Gascoine. For whereas in times past,The cause of his comming. the French king had giuen one of those townes that were taken from the English|men, named Mauleon, vnto a French knight; he kept the same still, and would not deliuer it now at the French kings commandement, where-through (as was said) the marriage had béene hitherto defer|red. The same cardinall by vertue of his bull, Matth. West. His demand of monie of religious houses. would haue had of euerie cathedrall church, colledge, abbeie, and priorie, twelue marks of sterling monie; and of euerie person of parish churches eight pence of eue|rie EEBO page image 316 marke of his reuenues. But the English clear|gie appealed from this exaction, so that by the king and his councell it was ordeined, that he should haue no more than in times past cardinall Othobon did receiue, that is to saie, the halfe of his demand. More|ouer, this cardinall being at Carleill, and hauing made a sermon in praise of peace, vpon the conclu|sion of marriage betwixt the prince of Wales and the French kings daughter,The cardinall preacheth. in the end he reuested himselfe and the other bishops which were present, and then with candels light, and causing the bels to be roong,He accurseth Rob. Bruce. Nic. Triuet. they accursed in terrible wise Robert Bruce the vsurper of the crowne of Scotland, with all his partakers, aiders and mainteiners.

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