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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 In the foresaid parlement, the king demanded an aid of monie of the spiritualtie, for that (as he preten|ded) he meant to make a iournie into the holie land, to succour the christians there:The eleuenth part of ecclesi|asticall reue|nues gran|ted to the K. whervpon they gran|ted to him the eleuenth part of all their mooueables. He receiued the monie aforehand, but letted by other businesse at home, he went not foorth vpon that iour|nie. In the ninetéenth yeare of king Edward, quéene Elianor king Edwards wife died vpon saint An|drews eeuen at Herdebie, Anno Reg. 19. The deceasse of Q. Elianor or Herdelie (as some haue) neere to Lincolne, the king being as then on his waie towards the borders of Scotland: but ha|uing now lost the iewell which he most estéemed, he returned towards London to accompanie the corps vnto Westminster, Thom. Walsin. where it was buried in S. Ed|wards chapell, at the féet of king Henrie the third. She was a godlie and modest princesse, full of pitie, and one that shewed much fauour to the English na|tion,The praise of the quéene deceassed. readie to releeue euerie mans greefe that sustei|ned wrong, and to make them fréends that were at discord, so farre as in hir laie. In euerie towne and place, where the corps rested by the waie, the king caused a crosse of cunning workmanship to be erec|ted in remembrance of hir, and in the same was a picture of hir ingrauen. Two of the like crosses were set vp at London, one at Charing,Charing|crosse & other erected. and the other in Westcheape. Morouer, he gaue in almes euerie wed|nesday wheresoeuer he went, pence a péece, to all such poore folkes as came to demand the same.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time, bicause the king should be the more willing to go into the holie land, as he had promised to doo, hauing monie to furnish him foorth, the pope granted vnto him the tenth of the church of England, Scotland and Ireland, according to the true value of all the reuenues belonging vnto the same for six yeares.The tenth of spirituall re|uenues grã|ted to the K. He wrote to the bishops of Lin|colne and Winchester, that the same tenth should be laid vp in monasteries and abbeies, till the king was entred into the sea, called Mare Maggiore, forwards on his iournie eastwards, and then to be paid to his vse. But the king afterwards caused the collectors to make paiment to him of the same tenth gathered for three yeares, and laid vp in monasteries, although he set not one foot forward in that iournie, as letted through other businesse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Also, by reason of the controuersie which depended as then betwixt diuerse persons,Controuersie about the crowne of Scotland. as competitors of the crowne of Scotland, he went into the north parts and kept his easter at Newcastell, and shortlie after, called a parlement at Northampton; where, by the aduise of the prelats and other of his councell, lear|ned in both the lawes, vpon knowledge had by search of records, and chronicles of ancient time, he caused all the prelats and barons of Scotland to be called a|fore him, and there in the parish-church of Norham, he declared vnto them his right to the superioritie of EEBO page image 286 the kingdome of Scotland, and requiring of them, that they would recognise the same, protesting that he would defend the right of his crowne, to the shed|ding of his owne bloud, that a true certificat and in|formation might come to light of his title and right|full claime, vnto the direct and supreme dominion o|uer the realme of Scotland.

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