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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer,The castell of Lamperde|uaur built. the king in the west part of Wales built at the same time a castle at Lamperdeuaur, to kéepe vnder the rebellious attempts of the Welshmen. King Edward gaue in mariage by waie of restituti|on to the fore-remembred Leolin prince of Wales the earle of Leicesters daughter, Anno. Reg. 6. 1278 which was taken (as ye haue heard) at the Ile of SillieLeolins wife restored to hir husband. He also bare all the charges of the feast at the daie of the marriage, and honored the same with the presence of himselfe and the queene. ¶ A subsidie of the twentieth part of euerie mans goods was granted to the king to|wards his charges susteined in the Welsh warres. Moreouer, in the sixt yéere of his reigne K. Edward held a parlement at Glocester,Statutes of Glocester. in the which were cer|teine acts and statutes made for the wealth and good gouernment of the realme, which vnto this daie are called the statutes of Glocester. ¶Alexander king of Scots came into England, to common with K. Edward, of matters touching his kingdome of Scotland. ¶Shortlie after king Edward went ouer into France, and there receiued certeine townes that were restored to him, but not the moitie of those that were promised to his father, when he released his title vnto the dutchie of Normandie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Robert Kilwarbie archbishop of Canturburie,The archbish. of Yorke being made cardinal resigneth his archbishoprike was by pope Nicholas aduanced to the dignitie of a cardinall, and made bishop of Portua, so that he went to Rome, and gaue ouer the archbishoprike of Canturburie, to the which through the popes grant frier Iohn Peckham was admitted archbishop.Iohn Peck|ham archbish. of Yorke. This yéere there was inquirie made in London for such as had clipped, washed, & counterfaited the kings coine, wherevpon the Iewes of the citie and diuers gold|smiths that kept the exchange of siluer were indited,Clippers of monie. and after to the number of two hundreth foure score and seuenteene persons were condemned, Anno Reg. 7. Nic. Triuet. and in di|uers places put to execution. There were but 3. En|glishmen among them, all the residue were Iewes, but diuerse christians that were participants with them in their offenses were put to their fines, and not without iust cause.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time the king remooued all such shiriffes as were either préests or strangers, Chron. Dunst. and in their places appointed knights to be shiriffes, that were of the same countrie where their offices laie. Moreouer,The castels of Flint & Rut|land built. about this season king Edward builded the castell of Flint, and fortified the castell of Rut|land and others, placing garrisons of Englishmen in the same to defend the countrie, and to kéepe the Welshmen vnder obedience. But Leolin so smallie regarded all couenants made, and bene|fits receiued, that shortlie after, vpon the death of his late married wife, being summoned to come to a parlement holden by king Edward, he disdained to obeie, and vpon a verie spite began to make new warre to the Englishmen,Leolin begin|neth new war in wasting and destroi|eng the countrie: notwithstanding king Edward had so manie waies doone him good, and had giuen him iust cause of thankfulnesse, which is the common reward of benefits, and which little recompense who|so neglecteth to make, being but a little lip-labour,

Non est laudari dignus, nec dignus amari.

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