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Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Edward at the first like a prudent prince chose the wisest and worthiest men to be of his coun|cell, & to purchase the loue of his subiects, whose minds were somewhat offended towards his father (by rea|son that he refused to kéepe promise with them, touch|ing the restitution of gentle and fauourable lawes) king Edward shewed himselfe so gentle towards all EEBO page image 278 degrées of men, that he séemed to exceed the reasona|ble bounds of courteous humanitie, much more than became his roiall estate.1275 Anno Reg. 3. After this, he reformed di|uerse lawes and statutes, and deuised some new or|dinances, greatlie for the wealth of the realme. He held his first parlement at Westminster,

A parlement. The statutes of Westmin|ster.

The prince of Wales Leo|lin.

where the ordinances were made, called the statutes of West|minster the first.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 To this parlement was Leolin the prince of Wales summoned to come and doo his homage, ha|uing béene requested first to come to the kings co|ronation, but he refused; and now hauing sum|mons to come to this parlement, he excused him|selfe, affirming that he durst not come for feare of certeine noblemen that laie in wait for his life, re|quiring to haue pledges deliuered for his safe com|ming and going, the kings sonne, and Gilbert earle of Glocester, with Robert Burne [...]l the lord chance|lor. The king was greatlie offended with such a pre|sumptuous demand, but passed it ouer, till after the end of the parlement,The king cõ|meth to Che|ster. & then repairing to Chester he sent eftsoones messengers to the said Leolin, requi|ring of him to come & doo his homage, but he still de|tracted time, so that in the end the king raised an ar|mie, meaning to recouer that by force, which other|wise he could not obteine by quiet meanes. ¶This yéere the people paid a fifteenth to the king of all their temporall goods, which was said to be granted first to his father.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Matth. Westm. Breton bi|shop of Here|ford departeth this life.The same yeere departed this life Iohn Breton bishop of Hereford, who being verie expert in the lawes of the land, compiled a booke of them called Le Breton. The 11 of September, a generall earth|quake chanced betwixt the first houre and the third of the same daie, the church of S. Michaell on the hill without Glastenburie, was therwith throwne down to the ground. After this, it rained bloud in the coun|trie of Wales,It rained bloud. as a prodigious euill token to that nation, with whose bloud shortlie after that region was in manie places moistened and stained. For as it chanced shortlie after, Leolin the sonne of Griffin came to haue the gouernment of Wales,1276 Anno Reg. 4. who part|lie to raise new seditions in England, and partlie to purchase him friendship and aliance in France, sent vnto king Philip, requiring of him that he might haue in marriage the ladie Eleanor daughter to Si|mon Montfort earle of Leicester, the which togi|ther with hir mother and brother Emerike, remained as banished persons in France. The French king granted his request, and sent hir vnder the conduct of hir said brother to be conueied into Wales vnto Le|olin, who had promised to marrie hir. But yer they approched to Wales, at the Ile of Sillie both the bro|ther & sister were taken by foure ships of Bristow,The earle of Montforts daughter ap|pointed wife to the prince of Wales ta|ken. the owners whereof that so tooke them, sent them vn|to king Edward. When Leolin vnderstood that his wife was taken from him by the waie as she was comming, he was not a little wroth, and inconti|nentlie began to make warre vpon king Edwards subiects that bordered neere vnto Wales, killing the people,Leolin prince of Wales be|gi [...]neth to make wars. Matth. West. spoiling their goods, and burning vp their townes and houses on each side.

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