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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But it appeareth by other writers, Euersden. that immediat|lie after the agreement concluded betwixt the earle of Glocester, prince Edward the kings sonne, by set|ting EEBO page image 274 workemen in hand to make a caussie through the fens with boords and hurdels, entred vpon them that kept the Ile of Elie, so that manie of them got out, and fled to London vnto the said earle of Gloce|ster, and other their complices. The residue submit|ted themselues, as the lord Wake, Simon Mont|fort the yoonger, the Pechees and other, vpon conditi|on to be pardoned of life and member: and further, that prince Edward should be a meane to his father to receiue them into fauour. But by other it may rather seeme, that some of them kept and defended themselues within that Ile, till after the agreement made betwixt the king and the earle of Glocester. By order of which agreement there were foure bi|shops and eight lords chosen foorth, which had béene first nominated at Couentrie, to order and prescribe betwixt the king and the disherited men a forme of peace and redemption of their lands. And so in the feast of All saints, Anno Reg. 52. proclamation was made of a full accord and agréement, and what euerie man should paie for his ransome for redéeming his offense a|gainst the king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the octaues of S. Martine, the king held a par|lement at Marleborough,A parlement at Marle|borough. where the liberties contei|ned in the booke called Magna charta were cõfirmed, and also diuerse other good and wholesome ordinances concerning the state of the common-wealth were established and enacted. ¶ In the moneth of Aprill there chanced great thunder, tempestuous raine, and flouds, occasioned by the same, verie sore & horrible, continuing for the space of fifteene daies togither. The legat Othobone, after he had in the synods hol|den at Northampton and London, deuised and made manie orders and rules for churchmen, and leuied a|mongst them great summes of monie,

The legat Othobone returneth to Rome.

Othobone chosen pope.

finallie in the moneth of Iulie, he tooke leaue of the king and re|turned to Rome, where after the deceasse of Inno|cent the fift, about the yeare of our Lord 1276 he was chosen pope, and named Adrian the fift, liuing not past 50 daies after. He went so néere hand to search out things at his going awaie, Abington. that he had inrolled the true value of all the churches and benefices in England, and tooke the note with him to Rome.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Prince Edward the kings sonne, and diuerse o|ther great lords of England before this legats depar|ture out of the realme,Prince Ed|ward recei|ueth the crosse. receiued the crosse at his hands in Northampton on Midsummer day, mea|ning shortlie after according to promise there made, to go into the holie land to warre against Gods e|nimies. Fabian. A fraie in Lõ|don betwéene the gold|smiths and tailors. In this yeare fell great variance betwéene the corporations or fellowships of the goldsmiths and tailors within the citie of London, wherevnto e|uill words flowing from the toong gaue originall, for

Pondus valde graue verbosum vas sine claue,
so that one euening there were assembled to the number of fiue hundred in the stréets in armour, and running togither made a fowle fraie, so that manie were wounded and some slaine. But the shiriffes hearing thereof, came & parted them, with assistance of other trades, and sent diuerse of them being taken vnto prison, of the which there were arreigned to the number of thirtie, and thirtéene of them condemned and hanged.

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