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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The barons highlie displeased herewith, refused to stand to the French kings award herein, bicause he had iudged altogither on the kings side. Wherevpon after they were returned into the realme, either par|tie prepared for warre: but yet about the feast of S. EEBO page image 266 Edward, the king and the barons eftsoones met at London, holding a new parlement at Westmin|ster, but no good could be doone. Then when the king of Almaine and prince Edward, Anno Reg. 4 8. with others of the kings councell saw that by rapine, oppression, and ex|tortion practised by the barons against the kings sub|iects, Matth. Wes [...]m. as well spirituall as temporall, the state of the realme and the kings honour was much decaied, and brought in manner vnto vtter ruine, they procu|red the king to withdraw secretlie from Westmin|ster vnto Windsore castell, of which his sonne prince Edward had gotten the possession by a traine. From Windsore he went to Reading, and from thence to Wallingford, and so to Oxford, hauing a great power with him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 At his being at Oxford there came vnto him the lord Henrie,The lords that reuolted to the king. son to the king of Almaine, Iohn earle Warren, Roger Clifford, Roger Leiborne, Hai|mond le Strange, and Iohn de Uaux, which had ree+uolted from the barons to the kings side, Iohn Gif|ford also did the like: but he shortlie after returned to the barons part againe. The kings sonne the lord Edward had procured them thus to reuolt, promi|sing to euerie of them in reward by his charter of grant fiftie pounds lands to aid the king his father and him against the barons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this the king went to Winchester, and from thence came backe vnto Reading, Chron. Dun. and then he mar|ched foorth with his armie vnto Douer, where he could not be suffered to come into the castell, being kept out by the lord Richard Gray that was capteine there. Herevpon he returned to London, where the barons againe were entred, through fauour of the commoners, against the will of the chéefe citizens, and here they fell eftsoones to treat of agréement, Abington. but their talke profited nothing. And so in the Christmasse wéeke the king, with his sonne prince Edward and diuerse other of the councell sailed ouer againe into France,The king go|eth again ouer to the French king. and went to Amiens, where they found the French king, and a great number of his Nobles. Al|so for the barons, Peter de Montford, and other were sent thither as commissioners, and as some write, at that present, to wit on the 24 daie of Ianuarie, the French king sitting in iudgement, pronounced his definitiue sentence on the bahalfe of king Henrie a|gainst the barons: Fabian. but whether he gaue that sentence now, or the yeare before, the barons iudged him verie parciall, and therefore meant not to stand vnto his arbitrement therein.

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