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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The earle of Leicester sent eftsoones into Gascoigne.The earle of Leicester was eftsoones sent into Gas|coigne by the king, who had not cared if he had fallen into his enimies hands, as should appeare. But the earle hired souldiers in France, and comming into Gascoigne, preuailed against his enimies, though in one conflict he was in danger of loosing both life and the honour of the field. But yet through his good hap, Gods fauour, and the valiancie of himselfe and some of his retinue, he got the vpper hand, and put his eni|mies to flight, taking Rusteine,Rusteine taken. one of the cheefe ring-leaders, whom he caused to be presented to the king. At the same time had the king inuested his son Ed|ward with the duchie of Aquitaine to the offense of the earle of Cornewall,

The kings eldest son Ed|ward creates duke of Aqui|taine.

Sir Arnold de Monteinie slaine.

to whom by charter he had be|fore giuen and confirmed the same. In a iusts holden at Walden, sir Arnold de Monteinie a right valiant knight was slaine by sir Roger de Lemborne, for which mischance all the Nobles there assembled made great lamentation, and namelie the said sir Roger: but yet he was suspected to be in blame, bi|cause the socket of his staffe was polished, & not aba|ted. Hereby it should appeare, that in qualitie of wea|pon, and not in maner of their running togither, these iusts and tornies in those daies practised diffe|red from the verie order of warre.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The 17 of September the cathedrall church of Elie was dedicated,The church of Elie dedi|cated. which the bishop of that sée na|med Hugh had builded of his owne proper costs and charges, togither with the palace there. The king and a great number of the péeres & nobles of the realme both spirituall and temporall were present at this so|lemne feast, which was kept in most plentifull man|ner. The 13 day of October,A parlement. the king held a great feast at London, and had called the states of the realme, then and there to assemble in parlement, wherein he opened to them the popes grant, which he had obteined of the tenths due to the church,The king de|mandeth the tenths of the spiritualtie. to be re|ceiued by him for thrée yeares, towards his charges in his iournie which he meant to make into the holie land. The bishops, and namelie Lincolne, vtterlie re|fused to be contributarie to his grant.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 They alledged sundrie reasons for their excuse,The bishops refuse to yeild to the popes grant. as the pouertie of the English church being alreadie made bare, with continuall exactions and oppressi|ons; but chéeflie they excused themselues by the ab|sence of the archbishops of Canturburie and Yorke, of whom the one was beyond the sea, and the other at home in the north parts. All th' other English bishops were there, except Hereford & Chester, which Chester was sicke, and therefore without the consent of those that were absent, and namelie their primat the arch|bishop of Canturburie, they could not conclude vpon any generall point touching the kings demand. And although the king fretted and stormed against them, yet could he not bring them to his purpose, so that the parlement for that time was dissolued. Yet before their departure from London, he communed with the bishops apart, to sée if he might persuade them to giue him some portion of monie towards his char|ges: but they had tuned their strings all after one note, discording all from his tenor, so that not a pe|nie could be got of them:The king highlie offen|ded with the bishops. wherefore he tooke high dis|pleasure against them, reuiling them in most re|prochfull maner, and amongst other he vpbraided his halfe brother (the elect of Winchester) of great vn|thankefulnesse, who also amongst the residue stood a|gainst him.

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