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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 The bishop of Lincolne.The bishop of Lincolne would haue inforced all the beneficed men within his diocesse to be preests, but they purchased a licence from Rome, to remaine at the Uniuersities for certeine yeares, without ta|king the order of préesthood vpon them. ¶ The king meaning to go (as he pretended) into the holie land, had grant of the pope to leuie a tenth of his subiects both spirituall and temporall.The Gas|coigns meane to complaine of the earle of Leicester. The Gascoignes sore repining at the earle of Leicester his streict gouer|nance (who handled them more roughlie than they had béene accustomed) sent the archbishop of Bur|deaux ouer into England to exhibit a complaint a|gainst him in all their names. The earle of Leice|ster aduertised thereof, followed him, and comming to the court, found the archbishop readie to aduouch the information which he had made against the said earle, cheefelie in that he had sought the destruction of those to whom the earle of Cornewall when he was ruler there, had granted life and peace, and whom sir Henrie Trubleuile, and Waleran the Dutchman, late stewards of Gascoigne, vnder the king, had che|rished and mainteined. With manie other things the archbishop charged him,The earle dis|proueth the allegations of his accusers. the which the earle witti|lie refelled and disprooued, so as he was allowed in his iustification by those that stood by, as the earle of Cornewall and others.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The bishop of Lincolns au|thoritie to in|stitute vicars in churches impropriate.The bishop of Lincolne got authoritie of the pope to institute vicarages in churches impropriat to re|ligious men, where no vicars were; and where such were as séemed too slenderlie prouided of sufficient allowance, to augment the same as he thought expe|dient: which his authoritie he vsed more largelie than stood with the pleasure of religious persons, bicause he shewed great fauour to the vicars. The copie of the letters which the bishop had procured of the pope, authorising him herein, followeth as we find the same in the chronicles of Matthew Paris.

8.1. The tenor of the popes grant.

The tenor of the popes grant.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _INnocentius episcopus, &c. Cùm sicut accepimus in tua ciuitate & diocoesi, nonnulli religiosi & alij collegiati ec|clesias perochiales in propriosvsus obti|neant, in quibus nimis exiles aut nullae taxatae sunt vicariae; fraternitati tuae per authoritatem sum|mam mandamus, quòd in ijsdem ecclesijs de ipsa|rum prouentibus vicarias instituas, & institutas exiles adaugeas vice nostra: prout iuxta consue|tudinem patriae secundũ Deum videtur expedire, non obstantibus sipraedicti exempti sint, aut aliàs muniti apostolicis priuilegijs sine indulgentijs, per quae id impediri vel differri possit; & de quibus speciale oporteat in praesentibus fieri mentionem: contradictores per censuras ecclesiasticas apostoli|ca potestate compescendo. Datum Lugduni 7 Octob. pontificatus nostri, An. 8.

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