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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 In the six and thirtith yéere of king Henries reigne, Anno Reg. 3 [...]. Matth. Par [...] The church of Hales de+dicated. the church of Hales was dedicated of the foundation of Richard earle of Cornewall. At which dedication he kept a solemne feast on the euen of saint Leonard being Sunday. There was present the king and the EEBO page image 245 queene, and almost all the Nobilitie of England, both spirituall and temporall.The charges of the buil|ding of the church of Hales. The building of that church, all charges accounted, stood the earle in ten thousand marks, as he himselfe confessed vnto Mat|thew Paris. ¶ About the same time the earle of Lei|cester and Guie de Lusignan the kings halfe bro|ther came into England out of France, and landed at Douer, whome the king receiued with great ioy and gladnesse. He gaue to his brother at his returne great rewards, as he was euer accustomed. In the feast of the Conception of our ladie at a iustes hol|den at Rochester,Tournies and iusts in those daies were handled in more rough manner than is vsed in our tune. the strangers were put to the worse, and well beaten by the English batchlers and men of armes, so that the dishonour which they did to the Englishmen at Brakley was now recompensed with interest. For the strangers fleeing to the citie for succour, were met by the way by the English knights seruants and yeomen, which fell vpon them, beat them sore with clubs and staues, and handled them verie euill. Hereof sprang a great hatred be|twixt the Englishmen and strangers, which dailie grew and increased more and more, the rather bicause the king had them in so good estimation, and reteined so manie of them within the realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The king did celebrate the feast of Christmasse at Yorke, whither came Alexander the yoong king of Scots, and was there made knight by the king of England, and on saint Stephans day he married the ladie Margaret, daughter to the king of England, according to the assurance before time concluded. There was a great assemblie of noble personages at that feast. The quéene Dowager of Scotland mother to king Alexander, a French woman of the house of Coucie,The house of Coucie. had passed the sea, & was present there with a faire companie of lords and gentlemen. The num|ber of knights that were come thither on the king of Englands part were reckoned to be at the point of one thousand. The king of Scots had with him thrée score knights,The king of Scots did ho|mage to the K. of England. and a great sort of other gentlemen comparable to knights. The king of Scots did ho|mage to the king of England at that time for the realme of Scotland, and all things were doone with great loue and fauour, although at the beginning some strife was kindled about taking vp of lodg|ings.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This assemblie of the princes cost the archbishop verie déerelie, in feasting and banketting them and their traines. At one dinner it was reported he spent at the first course thréescore fat oxen. ¶At request of the K. of Scots, the K. of England receiued Philip Lunell againe into fauour, or rather Louell (as I take it) one of his councell, against whome he had conceiued displeasure in the yeare last past, for such briberie as he was thoght to be giltie of for shewing fauour to the Iewes. The king of Scots when he should depart, tooke his leaue in most courteous ma|ner, and led with him his new married wife, on whome attended sir Robert Norice knight marshall of the kings house,Sir Robert Norice, and sir Stephan Bausan. and sir Stephan Bausan, and also the ladie Mawd, the widowe of the lord William Cantlow,An excéeding great wind. with others. On the octaues of the Epipha|nie chanced an excéeding great wind, which did much hurt in diuerse places of the realme. The bishop of Rochester returning frõ the court of Rome,The bishop of Rochest. bull. brought with him a bull, authorising him to receiue to his own vse the fift part of the reuenues of all the beneficed men within his diocesse.

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