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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Also the same daie and in the same church, the king made his halfe brother William de Ualence,Knights made. and di|uerse other yoong bachelers, knights. Unto the said William de Valence, for his further aduancement and maintenance, he gaue the castell of Hertford, and the honor therto belonging, with great treasure: & to the elder brother Guy de Lucignan, which about the same time returned into France, he gaue verie great and honorable gifts, lading his sumpters with plate and treasure of sterling monie, which in those daies in all countries was verie much esteemed. The earle of Winchester remaining in Gallowaie, Anno Reg. 32. where he had faire possessions in right of his wife,The earle of Winchester besieged in Galloway by his owne te|nants. was be|sieged of his owne tenants, within a castell wherein he lodged, and being in danger either to die through famine, or else at the discretion of the enimies, he burst forth and making way with his sword, escaped, and comming to the king of Scots, complained of the iniurie doone to him by his people, wherevpon the king tooke such order, that the rebels were punished, and the earle set in quiet possession of his lands a|gaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Toward the latter end of Nouember, William earle Ferrers & of Derbie departed this life,William earle Ferrers de|parteth this life. a man of great yeares and long troubled with the gout, a iust man and a peaceable. The same moneth the coun|tesse his wife died also, a woman of yeares, vertue and fame like to hir husband: Thomas Becket the archbishop of Canturburie did minister the priests office at their marriage. Their eldest sonne William succéeded his father in the earledome, a good man and a discreet, but vexed with the gout verie pitifullie, ha|uing that disease also as it were, by inheritance from his father. There died likewise other of the nobilitie, as Richard de Burgh, and William Fitz Ham. Be|atrice the countesse of Prouance mother to the queene, and Thomas de Sauoy late earle of Flan|ders,The countesse of Prouance commeth into England. came into England to visit the king and queene and were honorablie receiued, and at their departure backe towards home, richlie rewarded. This yeare in the octaues of the Purification,A parlement. a parlement was holden at London, where all the nobilitie of the realme in manner was present, There were nine bishops, as the archbishop of Yorke, with the bishops of Winchester, Lincolne, Norwich, Worcester, Chi|chester, Elie, Rochester and Carlell, with the earls of Cornewall, Leicester, Winchester, Hereford, North|folke, Oxford, Lincolne, Ferrers, and Warwike, with Peter de Sauoy earle of Richmond, besides lords and barons. The archbishop of Canturburie was at the court of Rome, & the bishop of Duresme was lefted by sickenesse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this parlement king Henrie earnestlie requi|red a subsidie,A subsidie d [...]|manded. Polydor. Matth. Pari [...]. in reliefe of the great charges which he had diuerse waies susteined, wherevpon he was streightwaies by the péeres of the realme noted both of couetousnesse, vnthankfulnesse, and breach of pro|mise, bicause he neuer ceassed gathering of monie, without regard had to his people: and where he had promised manie things, as that he would not be bur|denous vnto them, and such like; he had performed verie little of those his gaie promises. Manie misde|meanors, and wrongfull doings, to the gréeuance of his people were opened and laid before him, as cher|rishing and inriching of strangers,The king charged for his immode|rate inriching of strangers. & vsing his prero|gatiues too largelie, to the great decaie & hinderance of the common-wealth. The king abashed herewith, and supposing that the confession of his fault should make amends, & aswage the displesure which his No|bles and other had conceiued at his misgouernance, to content them all with one answer, he promised that he would reforme all that was amisse, and so quieting the minds of his barons,The parlemẽt proroged. the parlement was proroged till the quindene of the natiuitie of S. Iohn Baptist. Wherein his prudence and wisedome was to be commended, but his patience deserueth ex|ceeding great praise, whereby he shewed himselfe princelike-minded, in that he could tollerate the ex|probration and casting of his faults in his face, euen by such as should rather haue concealed than disclo|sed them: wheras it had stood with his roialtie to haue giuen them the counterchecke, and in angrie mood to haue tamed their malapertnesse: but that he proui|dentlie considered that

—parit ira furorem,
Turpia verba furor, verbis ex turpibus exit
EEBO page image 241Rixa, ex hac oritur [...]ulnus, de vulnere lethum:
—patientia virtus,
Qua quicúnq, caret, careat probitate necesse est.
Qui nil ferre p [...]test, hominum commercia vitet.

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