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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno. Reg. 29. P. V. In the 29 yeare of his reigne, king Henrie hauing spent much treasure with the great preparation of wars which he had taken in hand against the Scots, and also bicause he was constreined to be at further charges for the Welsh wars, he called a parlement to begin on the third daie of Nouember, in the which he demanded a great reliefe of monie,A subsidie of the richer sort. but the same being generallie denied of all men, he exacted it in particular of the richer sort of his subiects, Matth. Paris. & amongst other he caused the citizens of London to giue vnto him 15 hundred marks for a fine,The citizens of London. bicause they had receiued a banished man, one Walter Bukerell into their citie, contrarie to the law and order: but this they denied, affirming that his brother had got his pardon, as by the kings owne letters patents they could prooue, but they were answered, that the king was vnder age when these letters were purchased, and therefore were of none effect.The sene|shall of Gas|coine vanqui|shed the king of Nauarre. Anno, 1242. as Matt. West. saith, & Matth. Paris. About the same time, sir Nicholas de Molis or Mules seneshall of Gascoigne, hauing warres against the king of Na|uarre, got the victorie in battell. ¶ About the midst of Nouember, great thunder and lightning chanced, with a maruellous vntemperat season for the space of 15 daies togither, as a signe of some misfortune to succeed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 On S. Hughs daie died Margaret countesse of Penbroke the widow of Gilbert Marshall late earle of Penbroke, & sister to the king of Scots, and short|lie after the bishop of Excester William de Brewer likewise deceased, as yet being in his florishing age, a man in manners, parentage, and knowledge right honorable, and highlie commended. ¶ On the daie of S. Marcellus was the queene deliuered of a man child, which at the font was named Edmund.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In Lent following néere to the castell of Mount|gomerie in Wales, three hundred Welshmen were slaine by them that lay in garrison there by a policie of the capteine, which faining a counterfeited flight, drew the Welshmen within danger of an ambush, which he had laid to surprise them vnwares as it came euen to passe according to his deuise. Dauid that tooke himselfe for king of Wales, coueting to be re|uenged of this displeasure,Dauid king or prince of Wales. [...]cassed not daie nor night to make incursions and to exploit enterprises to the damage of the marchers, the which valiantlie resisted the enimies, and droue them oftentimes into the mounteines, woods, bogs, and other places of refuge, and oftentimes the enimies hauing the aduantage of place, did much displeasure to the Englishmen.

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