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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About the same time also he began the building of the new worke of the church at Westminster.The new church of Westm. begun. In which meane time the citie of Damieta afore menti|oned, was woone by the christian princes, Anno. Reg. 4. Matth. West. The earle of Chester retur+neth home. Polydor. and Ra|nulph earle of Chester returned home, leauing the earle of Arundell with a great number of souldiors behind him there in aid of the christians against the Saracens, which dailie attempted the recouerie of the same. Moreouer, in the yeare insuing, which was of our lord 1220, and vpon the seauenteenth day of Maie being Whitsunday, the king was eftsoones so|lemnelie crowned at Westminster,The K. crow|ned the second time. to the end it might be said, that now after the extinguishment of all seditious factions, he was crowned by the gene|rall consent of all the estates and subiects of his realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The same yeare also was the bodie of Thomas archbishop of Canturburie translated, Matth. Paris. and Hugh bi|shop of Lincolne canonized for a saint. Matth. Paris. In like man|ner in the vigile of Peter and Paule, the king find|ing the castels of Rokingham and Sauueie at that present vnpurueied of victuals, tooke the same into his hands against the will of William of Albemarle which before held the same. ¶ This yeare also was a proclamation made in London, Ran. Higd. A proclamati|on to auoid strangers. and throughout all the realme, that all strangers should auoid the land before the feast of saint Michaell then next following except those that came with merchandize. Further|more Ranulph earle of Chester, after he was come from the holie land, began to build the castels of Chartleie and Béeston,The castles of Chartley & Béeston built. Ran. Higd. and afterward he also builded the abbeie of Dieu Lencresse, commonlie called Delacresse of the white order. Toward his charges susteined about the building of which castels and ab|beie, he tooke toll throughout all his lordships of all such persons as passed by the same with any cattell, chaffre or merchandize.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare deceassed Henrie de Boun earle of Hereford, Anno Reg. 5. 1121 and Saer de Quincie earle of Winche|ster in their iournie which they made into the holie land. Also the same yeare the preests or canons that inhabited within the kings castell of old Salisburie, remooued with the bishops sée vnto new Salisburie,Salisburie. which by the king was made a citie. The bishop Ri|chard procured this remoouing, through the kings helpe, who was verie willing therevnto, as it séemed by his charters largelie granted in that behalfe. Af|ter this, Matth. Paris. king Henrie held his Christmasse at Oxen|ford, at what time William de Fortz earle of Albe|marle meaning to trouble the kings peace,The earle of Albemarle. and to set things in a new broile, departed from the court in the night season, without leaue or licence, and hasted with all spéed vnto the castell of Biham,The castell of Biham. where he as|sembled a sort of youthfull persons, giuen to lewd de|meanor, and wearie of quietnesse (as to whome theft and robberies were verie plesant) by whose helpe he spoiled diuers townes and villages about him, as Tenham and Deping, with others.

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