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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The next yeare, which was after the birth of our lord 1219, Anno Reg. 3. 1219 William Marshall the foresaid earle of Penbroke died, gouernour both of the realme and also of the kings person,The deceasse of the earle of Penbroke. a man of such worthinesse both in stoutnesse of stomach and martiall know|lege, as England had few then liuing that might be compared with him. He was buried in the new tem|ple church at London vpon the Ascension day.He is buried in the temple church. The same yeare also Wallo or Guallo the legat retur|ned to Rome, and Pandulph, who (as before is expres|sed) did the message so stoutlie from pope Innocent to king Iohn,Pandulph made bishop of Norwich. was also made bishop of Norwich.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, the gouernement of king Henrie af|ter the death of William Marshall the elder,The bishop of Winchester gouernour to the king. earle of Penbroke, was committed vnto Peter bishop of Winchester: for the yoong king was almost desti|tute of any of his kindred that were worthie to haue the rule of him:Quéene Isa|b [...]ll married to the earle of Marsh. forasmuch as his mother queene I|sabell was latelie maried to Hugh Brime the earle of Marsh in France, vnto whome she was promised before king Iohn tooke hir to wife, as in the life of the same king Iohn is mentioned.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The bishop of Winchester being now in the pos|session of the kings person, doubting least he had ta|ken a greater charge vpon him than he might well answer, caused diuerse sage and honourable perso|nages to be admitted of the kings councell, to assist him in the administration of the common-wealth and good gouernance of the realme. Which being doone, a parlement was holden at London,A parlemen [...] and a subsid [...]e. R. Fabian. wherein a subsidie was granted to the king of two shillings to be gathered and leuied of euerie ploughland with|in his dominions, towards the relieuing of the great charges which he had susteined by the warres against the foresaid Lewes.

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