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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after, the Welshmen began to sturre also, who rushing out of their owne confines,The Welsh|men mooue rebellion. Matth. Paris. fell vpon their next neighbours within the English marshes, wasted the countrie, and ouerthrew diuerse castels slat to the ground. Whereof the king hauing know|ledge, Anno Reg. 14. assembled a mightie armie out of hand, and comming to Notingham, he hanged vp the Welsh hostages which the last yeare he had receiued,King Iohn hangeth the Welsh pled|ges. to the number of eight and twentie yoong striplings. And by reason he was now set in a maruellous chase, he roughlie proceeded against all those whom he knew not to fauor his case: some he discharged of their offi|ces, other he depriued of their capteineships and o|ther roomes, & reuoked certeine priuileges & immu|nities granted to moonks, préests, & men of religion.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Furthermore, hauing his armie readie to passe on into Wales, he receiued letters the same time, both from the king of Scots, and from his daughter the wife of Leoline prince of Wales, conteining in effect the aduertisement of one matter, which was to let him know, that if he proceeded on his iournie, he should either through treason he slaine of his owne lords, or else be deliuered to be destroied of his enimies. The king iudging no lesse, but that the te|nor of the letters conteined a truth, Matth. Paris. King Iohn breaketh vp his armie. brake vp his ar|mie and returned to London. From whence he sent messengers vnto all such lords as he suspected, com|manding them to send vnto him hostages for more assurance of their fidelities. The lords durst not dis|obeie his commandement, but sent their sons, their nephues, and other their kinsmen, accordinglie as he required, and so his rancour was appeased for a time. But Eustace de Uescie, Robert Fitz Walter, and Stephan Ridell, being accused an [...] suspected of the K. for the said treason, were glad to flée the realme, Uescie departing into Scotland, and the other two into France.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same yeare, the church of S. Marie Oueries, and all the buildings vpon London bridge on both sides the same, were consumed with fire, Matth. Paris Matt. West. Saint Marie Oueries burnt. which was iudged to be a signification of some mishap to fol|low. The king held his Christmasse this yeare at Westminster, with no great traine of knights a|bout him. About the same time Geffrey archbishop of Yorke departed this life,The deceasse of Geffrey the archbishop o [...] Yorke. after he had remained in exile about a seauen yeares. But now to returne a|gaine to the practises of the popes legats.

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