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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 11. Polydor. King Iohn notwithstanding that the realme was thus wholie interdicted and vexed, so that no preests could be found to saie seruice in churches or chapels, made no great account thereof as touching any of|fense towards God or the pope:A new oth of allegiance. but rather mistru|sting the hollow hearts of his people, he tooke a new oth of them for their faithfull allegiance, and imme|diatlie therevpon assembled an armie to go against Alexander king of Scots,Alexander K. of Scots. vnto whome (as he had heard) diuerse of the nob [...]litie of this realme were fled, which Alexander was the second of that name that had ruled the Scots, and latelie before was en|tred into the rule as lawfull successor to the crowne of Scotland, by the death of his father K. William.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this meane while also Stephan archbishop of Canturburie lamenting (as some haue reported) the state of his natiue countrie, and yet not minding to giue ouer his hold, obteined of pope Innocent, that vpon certeine dais it might be lawfull for an appoin|t [...]d number of preests within the realme of Eng|land, to celebrate diuine seruice, that is to say, for those of conuentuall churches once in the wéeke. But the moonks of the white order were forbidden to vse that priuilege, Matth. Paris. The white moonks. bicause in the beginning of the inter|diction they had at the appointment of their princi|pall abbat presumed to celebrate the sacraments without the popes consent o [...] knowledge.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In like maner on the otherside, king Iohn ha|uing his armie in a readinesse, Polydor. Matth. Paris. hasted foorth towards the borders of Scotland, and comming to the castell of Norham, prepared to inuade the Scots. But king Alexander wanting power to giue him battell, sought to come vnto some fréendlie agréement with him, and so by counsell of his lords, casting off his ar|mour,Alexander K. of Scots com+poundeth for peace with king Iohn. he came to the king, and for a great summe of gold (or 11 thousand marks of siluer as some write) with much adoo he purchased peace, deliuering two of his daughters in hostage for more assurance of his dealing. Wherevpon king Iohn, after his re|turne from Norham, Polydor. which was about the 24 of Iune, shewed himselfe not a little displeased with those of the nobilitie, which had refused to attend vp|on him in that iournie, hauing receiued streit com|mandement from him to attend vpon him at that time. Certes the cause why they refused to follow him, was euident, as they said, in that they knew him to stand accursed by the pope. About the same time also, when corne began to wax ripe, to reuenge himselfe of them that had refused to go with him in that iournie, he caused the pales of all the parks & for|rests which he had within his realme to be throwne downe, & the diches to be made plaine, Matth. Paris. that the déere breaking out and ranging abroad in the corne fields, might destroie & eat vp the same before it could be ri|pened, for which act (if it were so in déed) manie a bit|ter cursse procéeded from the mouths of the poore hus|bandmen towards the kings person, and not vnwor|thilie. Moreouer in this season the Welshmen (which thing had not beene séene afore time) came vnto Woodstoke, and there did homage vnto the king, al|though the same was chargeable, aswell to the rich as the poore so to come out of their countrie.

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