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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The 14 day of Ianuarie it began to fréeze, and so continued till the 22 of March, with such extremitie,An extreame frost. that the husbandmen could not make their [...]ilth, by reason wherof in the summer following, corne began to grow to an excessiue price, so that wheat was sold by the quarter at 12 shillings of monie then cur|rant. This yeare about the feast of Pentecost, the king (by the aduise of his councell assembled at Northampton) prepared a nauie of ships, Anno. Reg. [...]. Polydor. Matth. Paris. King Iohn prepareth an armie to go into France. mustered souldiers, and shewed great tokens that he would renew the war, and séeke to be reuenged of his eni|mie the French king. The Nobles of the realme indeuoured themselues also to match the diligence of the king in this preparation, vpon an earnest de|sire to reuenge the iniuries latelie doone to the com|mon-wealth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now when all things were readie, and the ships fraught with vittels, armour, and all other prouisi|ons necessarie, the king came to Porchester, there to take the sea, purposing verelie to passe ouer into France, in hope of such faire promises as his fréends of Normandie and Poictou had made, in sending of|tentimes to him, to procure him with spéed to come to their succours. Rafe Cog. The archbi|shop of Can|turburie, and the earle of Penbroke persuade the king to staie at home. But as the king was readie to en|ter on shipboord, Hubert archbishop of Canturburie, and William Marshall earle of Penbroke came to him, and with manie great reasons went about to persuade him to staie his iournie. Who although he was verie loath to follow their counsell, yet they put foorth so manie doubts and dangers that might fol|low of his departing the realme at that present, to the hazarding of the whole state, that in the end (sore to his greefe) he was ouercome by their importunate persuasions, and so dismissing the most part of his armie, appointed his brother the earle of Salisburie with a certeine number of knights & men of armes to passe ouer into Rochell, whither the lord Geffrey the kings base sonne was gone before him, with ma|nie other knights and men of armes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The lords and other that were dismissed, tooke it verie euill, considering the great preparation that had béene made for that iournie. But speciallie the EEBO page image 169 mariners were sore offended, cursing the archbishop and the said earle of Penbroke, that were knowne to be authors of so naughtie counsell as they tooke this to be. It was thought there was neuer so manie ships gotten togither at one time before, as were at that present, to haue attended the king: for (as wri|ters haue recorded) there were to the number of fourtéene thousand mariners that had brought their ships thither for that purpose. But as the breaking vp of this voiage gréeued others, so it pinched the king so néere the heart, that he being come backe from the sea side to Winchester,The king re|penting him goeth backe to the sea side. repented so much that he had not gone forward with his iournie, that the next daie he returned againe to the coast, and at Portesmouth, entring the sea with his ships, on the fiftéenth of Iulie he sailed to the Ile of Wight,He goeth to the sea the 15 of Iulie, as some authors haue. and wasted vp and downe for the space of two daies to|gither, till by aduise of his fréends he was persuaded not to aduenture to passe ouer, sith his armie was dismissed and gone home, and so he returned backe to the shore againe, arriuing at Scotland, neere vnto Warham, the third daie after his setting foorth: yet such as were behind, and hasted after him, thought verelie he had beene gone ouer, and such a brute was spred ouer all, till at length in time the truth was knowne.

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