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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this yeare, immediatlie vpon the expiring of the truce which was taken till haruest might be en|ded, Anno Reg. 10. the warre betwixt the two kings of England & France began eftsoones to be pursued with like ear|nestnesse as before: wherevpon manie encounters chanced betwixt the parties, with taking of townes and fortresses, as commonlie in such cases it happe|neth. Twise the French king was put to the worsse, once in September betwixt Gamages and Uer|non, where he was driuen to saue himselfe by flight, loosing twentie knights, and thréescore seruitors or yeomen, which were taken, besides those that were slaine: and againe, in the same moneth on Michael|masse euen betwixt Curseilles and Gisors, at what time he came to succour Curseilles, bringing with him 400 knights, besides seruitors, and a great mul|titude of commons. But the castell was woone be|fore he could approch it.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 King Richard being aduertised of his comming, hasted foorth to méet him, and giuing the onset vp|on him, forced him to flee vnto Gisors, where at the entring of the bridge there was such preasse, that the bridge brake, so that amongst other, the king him|selfe with his horsse and all fell into the riuer of Geth,King Philip almost drow|ned. and with much adoo was releeued, and got out of the water, no small number of right hardie and valiant gentlemen being taken at the same time, which put themselues forward to staie the Englishmen, till the king was recouered out of that present danger. To conclude,Seuen score saith R. Houed. there were taken to the number of an hundred knights, and two hundred barded horsses, besides seruitors on horssebacke, Matth. Paris. R. Houed. and footmen with crossebowes. Amongst other prisoners these are na|med, Matthew de Montmorancie, Gales de Ports, Iollen de Bray, and manie other also innumerable. King Richard hauing got this victorie, wrote let|ters thereof vnto the archbishops, bishops, abbats earles and barons of his realme, that they might praise God for his good successe.

¶ A notable example to all princes that haue the conquest ouer their enimies, to referre the happie getting thereof to God, and to giue praise vnto him who giueth victorie vnto whom it pleaseth him. Which the Psalmograph saw verie well, and therefore ascri|bed all the issue of his prosperous affaires to God, as may well be noted by his words, saieng expresselie,

— ab illo
Munior, hic instar tur [...]is & arcis erat,Eo [...]. H [...]ss. in Psal. 144.
Dura manus in bella meas qui format & armat,
Ad fera qui digitos instruit arma meos.

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