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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The emperor sendeth to the king.About this time the emperour sent to king Ri|chard, requiring him in no wise to conclude any peace with the French king, but rather to inuade his dominions, promising to aid him all that he might. But king Richard, Anno Reg. 7. to vnderstand further of the em|perours mind herein, sent ouer his chancellour the bishop of Elie vnto him in ambassage.The bishop of Elie is sent to the emperour. In the meane time the warre was still continued betwixt him and the French, by the which they were com|monlie put to the worse, and king Richard inuading their borders, did much hurt in wasting the coun|tries on each side. The French king was at one time so narrowlie chased, that as he would haue passed a bridge that laie ouer the water of Saine, he was in danger of drowning by the fall of the same vnder him, but yet at the length he escaped, and got to the further side.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, the two kings came to a communica|tion togither,The 2 kings talke togither. in the which a motion was made, that Lewes the French king his sonne and heire should haue the sister of Arthur duke of Britaine in marri|age, and that king Richard in consideration thereof should surrender vnto them and to their heires the townes of Gisors, Bademont, with the countrie of Ueulquessine or Ueuxine le Normant, Uernon, I|uerie and Pascie; and further should giue vnto them twentie thousand marks of siluer. On the other side it was mooued, that the French king should resigne vnto king Richard all that he could demand in the countie of Engeulesme, and should restore vnto him the counties of Albemarle and Augie, with the ca|stell of Arkes, and all other castels which he had taken in Normandie, or in any partie during these last warres. But there was a respit taken for the full concluding and assuring of these conditions, till the octaues of All saints, that king Richard might vn|derstand the emperours pleasure, without whose con|sent he might not conclude any thing concerning that matter, bicause he had sent such word vnto him by the lord chancellour, who at this time was atten|dant in his court.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time, the emperour being aduerti|sed of the whole matter, and of the articles afore men|tioned, gaue knowledge to king Richard by the bi|shop of Elie at his returning backe, that this forme of peace nothing liked him, but rather made direct|lie to his discontentment: the which least he might séeme to saie without sufficient ground of reason, he alledged, that it should sound to king Richards di|shonour, if he surrendred and gaue vp anie thing that he had not in possession.The emperor dissuadeth the king from a|gréeing to the peace. And to encourage him to recouer those things which had beene taken from him, [...]he emperour pardoned him of the seauen|téene thousand marks of siluer, which yet remained behind due to him for the kings ransome. Howsoe|uer the matter passed the two kings met not in the octaues of all saints, according to the appointment, although they were [...], and approched verie néere to the pla [...]e where they should haue communed togi|ther but through the dissimulation of the French|men, they departed, without seeing one another, and [...] began the warre as fiercelie as at anie time before.

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