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Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶But sée the hap of things, whilest ech one was thus occupied about the aforesaid monie; Anno Reg. 5. Wil. Paruus. it chanced that king Richard was at the point to haue béene deliue|red into the hands of his deadlie aduersarie the French king, as hereafter you shall heare, noting by the waie the dangerous estate of princes, the mani|fold distresses whereinto by sinister fate (as well as the inferior & rascall rout of common drudges) they be driuen. For what greater calamitie, what grée|uouser hartach, what more miserable casualtie could haue happened vnto a bondman, than to be deliuered to and fro from the hand of one enimie to another, to be bought and sold for monie, to stand to the courte|sies of forren foes, of a king to become a captiue? whervnto the poet did right well allude, when he said,

Saepius ventis agitatur ingens
Pinus,Hor. lib caer. 1. ode. 10. & celsae grauiore casis
Decidunt turres, feriúnt summos
Fulminae montes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 EEBO page image 140The emperour vpon displeasure conceiued against the bishop of Liege, which latelie had atteined to that benefice contrarie to the emperours pleasure, who wished the same rather to an other person,The bishop of Liege mur|thered. hired cer|teine naughtie fellowes to go into France, where the bishop remained for feare of the emperours ma|lice, and there to find meanes traitorouslie to slea him, which they accordinglie did, by reason whereof the duke of Louaigne that was brother to the bi|shop, and other of his kinsmen, vpon knowledge had thereof, meant to haue made the emperour warre, in reuenge of that murther: insomuch that the empe|rour, to haue the French kings aid against them, was minded to haue deliuered K. Richard vnto him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Howbeit after that the matter was taken vp, and a concord made betwixt the emperour and his nobles, he changed his purpose also touching the de|liuering ouer of king Richard, who perceiuing that till his ransome were paid (which would amount to the summe of an hundred & fiftie thousand marks) he should not get libertie: and putting great confidence in the dexteritie and diligence of Hubert bishop of Salisburie (whome he sent as ye haue heard into England to deale for the leuieng of the same) he thought good to aduance the same bishop to the me|tropolitane sée of Canturburie, which had beene va|cant euer sithence the decease of archbishop Bald|wine, that died (as ye haue heard) in the holie land.

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