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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A parlement at Windsore.King Henrie the father called a parlement at Windsore, at the which was present king Henrie the sonne, and a great number of lords, earles and ba|rons. At this parlement, order was taken for parti|tion of the realme, so that it was diuided into foure parts, certeine sage personages being allotted vnto euerie part to gouerne the same, but not by the name of iustices,Ranulfe de Glanuille. albeit that Ranulfe de Glanuille was made ruler of Yorkeshire, & authorised iustice there, as he that best vnderstood in those daies the ancient lawes and customes of the realme. The same yeare, Geffrey earle of Britaine by his fathers comman|dement leuied an armie,Geffrey earle of Britaine son to king Henrie. Guidomer de Leons. and passing ouer into Bri|taine, wasted the lands of Guidomer de Leons, and constreined him to submit himselfe vnto him. The 18. day of August, the moone was eclipsed, which was séene of king Henrie and his companie as he rode all that night towards Douer there to méet the French king,The moone eclipsed. The French K. commeth a madding to visit the arch|bishop Bec|kets toome. who was comming towards Eng|land to visit the toome of archbishop Thomas Bec|ket, as he had before time vowed. He landed at Do|uer the 22. day of August. There came ouer with him Henrie duke of Louaine, Philip earle of Flanders, Baldwin earle of Guines, earle William de Man|deuille, and diuerse other earles, lords, barons and knights; whome king Henrie was readie to receiue at the water side, and the morow after brought them with great honor to Canturburie, where they were with due reuerence and vnspeakeable ioy re|ceiued of archbishop Richard, and diuerse other bi|shops there assembled togither with the couent of Christes-church, and an infinit multitude of Nobles and gentlemen.The French word is Muis. The French king offered vpon the toome of the said archbishop Thomas, a rich cup of gold; and gaue to the moonks there an hundred tuns of wine to be receiued yearelie of his gift for euer at Poissie in France. Further he granted to the same moonks, that whatsoeuer was bought in his domini|ons of France to their vse, should be free from toll, tallage, and paieng any maner of excise for the same. These grants he confirmed with his charter there|of, made & deliuered to them by the hands of Hugh Putsey, son to the bishop of Duresme that was his chancellor. King Lewes hauing performed his vow, Polydor. and receiued manie rich gifts of king Henrie, retur|ned home into France, and shortlie after causing his sonne to be crowned king, resigned the gouernment to him (as by some writers appeareth. Matth. Paris. Cadwallon prince of Wales.) About the same time, Cadwallon prince of Wales, being brought before the king to make his answer to di|uerse accusations exhibited against him, as he retur|ned toward his countrie vnder the kings safe con|duct, was laid for by his enimies, and slaine, to the kings great slander, though he were not giltie in the matter. After this, king Henrie the father held his Christmasse at Notingham, Anno Reg. 26. R. Houed. and William king of Scotland with him.1180.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same yeare fell discord betwixt the yoong king of France, and his mother and vncles, hir brethren,Discord be|twixt the French K. and his no|bles. earle Theobald and earle Stephan, who thinking themselues not well vsed, procured king Henrie the sonne to ioine with them in fréendship, and to go ouer into England to purchase his fathers assistance in their behalfe against their nephue. Who being come ouer to his father, informed him of the whole mater, and did so much by his earnest suit therin, that before the feast of Easter, his father went ouer with him in|to Normandie, and immediatlie vpon their arriuall in those parts, the old French queene, mother to the yoong king Philip, with their brethren the said earles, and manie other Noble men of France, came vnto him, and concluding a league with him, deliuered hostages into his hands, and receiued an oth to fol|low his counsell and aduice in all things.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herevpon king Henrie assembled a great armie, in purpose after Easter to inuade the French kings dominions: but before any great exploit was made, he came to an enteruew with the new king of France, betwixt Gisors and Treodsunt, where part|lie by gentle words, R. Houed and partlie by threatnings which king Henrie vsed for persuasion, the French king released all his indignation conceiued against his mother and vncles, and receiued them againe into his fauour, couenanting to allow his mother for e|uerie day towards hir expenses seuen pounds of Paris monie, during his father king Lewes his life time; and after his death, she should inioy all hir dower, except the cas [...]els which king Philip might re|teine still in his hands. Also at this assemblie, king Henrie the father in the presence of the French king, receiued homage of Philip earle of Flanders,The earle of Flanders doth homage to the king of England. and granted to him for the same a thousand markes of siluer, to be receiued yearelie out of the checker at London, so that in consideration thereof he should find fiue hundred knights or men of armes, to serue the king of England for the space of 40. daies, when EEBO page image 104 soeuer he should haue warning giuen vnto him.

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